Is Your Website Delivering the Results You Want –
and Need?

Copy Review Gives You Valuable FeedbackThe right messaging matters. More than you might realize. You have mere moments to capture your visitor’s attention
so they stay on your page and engage with your company and your offerings.

It’s ridiculously difficult to get perspective on your own messaging and business.

You know it so intimately, how can you possibly see it with fresh eyes?

And, sometimes your website isn’t delivering the results you need and you just don’t know why. Unless you haven’t
updated the look of your site in y e a r s – it’s not the design.

Do you know whatcha got? Ask these questions…

  1. Have you “message matched” based on where your traffic is coming from?
  2. Do you have multiple sources of traffic and a variety of visitors?
  3. Have you crafted message for each target, or have you gone so broad you’re not reaching anyone? (You know that old saying
    “try to be everything to everyone, you risk being nothing to no one…”)
  4. Is your messaging hierarchy correctly structured for your visitor’s level of awareness?
  5. Does your headline work hand-in-hand with your call to action?
  6. Are your crossheads doing the heavy lifting they should be?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. I do!

My website review is your blueprint for F A S T improvement

Your website review will zero in on what works, what doesn’t and why.

You’ll get suggestions you can implement, with explanations of why you should.

Improving your messaging is likely the simplest action to take to ensure your visitors take the actions you want.

Delivered by video, your assessment will include:

An overview of your messaging and specific ideas and examples of areas of improvement.

Recommended copy for one key area of your site that will give you the
most traction and/or remove the most friction.

A transcript of the video for easy step-by-step implementation

A thirty minute meeting to laser focus on your questions, so you get the
answers you need to improve your copy – and your results.

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