Build More Business with Accountability

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Network Marketing with Posture

Years ago, when I was building very actively, working my business full-time, some days I found I was good-to-go, completely motivated, knew what I needed to get done and I’d do it. Other days I felt distinctly not motivated, sometimes a little blurry about what I should even be doing.

I was committed though, to showing up and getting the job done, and that meant going to work every day, even without the structure that although it can be restrictive, guarantees you suit up and show up. I had a good friend – we weren’t connected financially, who was also working full-time and while she was a little more consistent than me emotionally, she needed the support to keep focused and working as much as she needed to.

So, we buddied up. We became accountability partners and it was a life saver for me. When we started, I really needed the help pushing myself. I was so grateful to have the structure it provided. I do what I say I will – it’s very important value to me. There was no way I was going to promise to show up and work and do anything less than that. So it was my guarantee.

Every day we would get on the phone and start making our calls. We were both working the cold market, mostly calling leads. We’d usually spend about 45-60 minutes dialing calls using our 3-way calling. I’d make a dial, she’d listen in quietly, then while I was making my notes on the call, she would make her dial. It wasted some time, listening to the other person, but we also each learned things from one another by listening. We picked up language and ways of talking or saying things, and we were also able to critique each other and constantly improve our game.

Calling together, the inevitable effect was after a while you’d start to feel like you were wasting time and you were anxious to get off and start working on your own. So, we were each off and running and launched for the day. We’d often check back in once or sometimes twice at scheduled times to report what we had accomplished and keep on track. Just knowing there someone else was there to report to keep us going. It keeps you from thinking: well, I’ll just go and: you fill in the blank – make a sandwich, check the news, walk the dog, sometimes even cleaning the refrigerator sounds better than picking up the phone!

You might still think those things, but you don’t do them, because you know you have someone else to account to. It really works – in a way I guess you’re sort of tricking yourself psychologically, but who cares? If you get the work done and it results in growth and building your bottom line, you’re where you need to be. Doesn’t matter if you psyched yourself out to get there!

You need to choose the right person – it has to be someone whose skill level is on par with yours, or one of you needs to be OK with acting a bit as the coach and answering questions as you go. Your buddy needs to be someone you can count on, and who is really motivated. And you have to have rules. We did NOT get on the phone and chit-chat or catch up on each others lives. Not that we weren’t interested, but it’s not productive. Think of how you limit that in the workplace, and you stick to that here. You both have to be committed and determined. Working with the wrong person could be worse than working alone.

If you start this system and your partner doesn’t show up regularly or on time, or if their attitude or energy brings you down – get out of the situation immediately. Find someone else.

Finding the right person however, and really working your plan will help you overcome procrastination and will really help you on the days you’re doubting yourself or are feeling disorganized. It will also keep you from doing the things that don’t build your bottom line, and keep you focused on the activity that builds the network: working the numbers, exposing people to your concept, following up, finding the right ones, and getting them started.

If you don’t feel self-motivated and get done what you need to at least 80% of the time, try finding a partner to work with for 30 days and see how much more you get done. I think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised.