Business Development – Are You At It?

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What exactly is business development – especially when you’re a one or two-person shop? It’s funny how topics run in gangs – seems everywhere I turn the last week or two I’m reading about business development and time organization. Or is that my awareness is tuned there at the moment, so I’m paying more attention and it’s been everywhere all along?

I know there’s a cosmic law at work here, just not sure which one…if you know, please tell me…. My coach and I spent some time on this last week – by the way, having a coach is a major highlight of my 2010 business world. I’m writing a series on accountability for a client at the moment, and while it seems obvious that is a good thing, I think it’s something that those of us who are disciplined and have worked for ourselves for a long time  think (maybe) we don’t need. Fresh eyes and insight are brilliant. Other people (well, talented people with the right skills…) can see things about us and our businesses which we just can’t, or won’t. But, I digress.

The bottom line question is this: what are you actually doing every day? Business-wise that is.  What activities are you engaged in and what do they do for your bottom line – now and in the future? Are you allowing time for the learning, reflecting and planning that will allow you to take your business to the next level? Importantly, do you know what that next level is?

When you’re the proverbial chief cook and bottle washer, it’s easy to spend all your time in the areas that bring in the money right now and less time on the things that, if you paid attention to them today, would make you much more money down the road. And perhaps more easily as well.

Because two really great blogs showed up in my email box today on just these topics, I’m going to share those articles with you and recommend you read: which is a great guest post by Michael Stainer of

And then check out: and read some very simple, elegant ideas about the art of meaningful action, combined with some great free tools about how to get that meaningful action accomplished.

Let me know what you think, and more importantly, let them know. Go get ‘em.