Clients Say

Consistently delivers value above and beyond everyone’s expectations I’ve worked with Amy on multiple projects, and her involvement, contributions and insights are always deeply appreciated. She is reliable, responsive, creative, intelligent and a clear communicator — and she consistently delivers value above and beyond everyone’s expectations (including those with exceedingly high expectations). I highly recommend her.
You couldn’t be in better hands than with Amy – her business experience and multi-industry knowledge is second to none. She’ll be able to really connect with your audience in order to meet your business objectives. After working with several copywriters, Amy stands out by having a keen sense of what will trigger your audience into taking action. She also possesses a “get it right” attitude you will love to work with, she wants to make sure your copy generates the results you envisioned.
Milton Huezo
Operations Manager – Lima Consulting Group Philadelphia, PA
Amy meets deadlines and overdelivers on value. She takes a project and adds an intangible that increases the value of the work. She gives honest evaluations of projects and potentials. She is also more than willing to share her business knowledge in the process. I would highly recommend her for any project you have in mind. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing it will be done in a professional manner with the highest quality output. The quality of her work will surpass your best expectations. Working with her is a simple and easy pleasure. Amy is a professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her. Choose her – you won’t go wrong.
I worked with Amy over several months on a book project, and I found her easy to work with and extremely flexible. She really listened to me and took the time to find out what I wanted from her and from the project – then she delivered it! Amy GETS Direct Response “Dan Kennedy-Style” copywriting. She captured exactly what I wanted, and I would definitely hire her again. I’d say above all, she truly cares about quality and client satisfaction.
We simply could not be happier with Amy’s work. Not only did she extract all the information we had in our heads she then took that hodge podge of ideas, thoughts and data and magically turned it into sales copy that left us aghast. A typical comment was: “it’s like she’s in our head!” Very very good work and for this market (Over 50’s) She’s the best we’ve found. We will continue to use her, and indeed we have her next job already lined up.
Neil Asher
Sydney, Australia
We were introduced to Amy several months ago and found her to be a joy to work with. Our conversations were fun and flowed well. She has a great knack of asking the right questions and assimilating our business information into great copy that is useful for our website, our mission, and vision, tag lines, and more. She is able to say exactly what we want with only a few words making our marketing materials much more effective and attractive to busy customers. Our business is in a narrow technical niche and I thought we’d need to spend some time providing education about particular aspects of our business, but that wasn’t necessary. Amy brought broad experience to our project and did some very quick research to be proficient at targeting the most important elements of passive solar and energy efficient design and construction incorporating those pieces into the copy she provided for our marketing materials. The process was fun, fast, professional, and successful. Thank you, Amy.
When I need great writing or business advice I go to Amy. Amy has gotten to know our business and my voice so well, I can send her bullet points and ideas and she writes emails that never need any revision. Same with postcards and sales letters. And, her marketing advice is invaluable – she understands the big picture, and that’s a huge value add you don’t get from most copywriters. She makes my life easier. She is also an experienced entrepreneur and has great business advice. We even hired her to train our inside sales staff- with fantastic results.
When I discovered Amy Posner I was in need of a very complex and multifaceted marketing message. Not only did Amy exceed my expectations, she was a great pleasure to work with, and I now consider her a friend. I highly recommend Amy Posner to anyone looking to connect with their customers through compelling copy. Thank you, Amy, for your hard work on my project.
Aaron Kilback
Kobary Systems, Inc. Vancouver, B.C.
How would I describe working with Amy? Nothing but simple and easy. Amy is easy to get along with, and I felt from the onset that she totally understood my vision and what I wanted from my copy. She really gets it and took the time to understand what I need and who my market is. What is simple for her is not for me, and it’s great to have a go-to person to write copy – quickly and easily. I bounce marketing ideas off Amy pretty regularly too – she helps me clarify my thinking and then she writes it in a way that expresses my business and my vision. I have recommended Amy to many of my colleagues. Why do something yourself when there are experts out there who do it better than you can and get you great results? Working with Amy, I can focus on what I do best with Amy’s support. I recommend her highly.
Reeny Barron
Business Coach, Women Creating Possibilities Sydney, Australia
When I wrote Thriving in a Changing World, Time to rethink Network Marketing, my intention was to shed light on the causes underlying a shift in business as usual. My book address entrepreneurs on the spiritual path, those adopting a new consciousness model in the way they act and transact with others. It was paramount to enlist writing and editing support from someone who could authentically tune into that mindset. I also wanted someone with deep knowledge and understanding of the network marketing industry. Amy is without a doubt the pearl I was looking for: a combination of real talent, genuine industry expertise and authentic heart wisdom. If you have a message to share that transcends outdated marketing standards, Amy is the real deal. She will help you express your voice in an industry that needs a new message.
Isabelle Sennery
Keynote Speaker | Business Coach Melbourne, Australia
Amy has been my writer of choice for the past two years. She has written some great email campaigns, promotional pieces, website copy, video scripts, ads, audio CDs and training materials for me. Quite simply she is the best of the best. She knows our industry inside out and has her finger on the pulse! Finding a great writer is tough. Finding a writer who really understands Network Marketing is almost impossible. Make Amy YOUR choice
Cliff Walker
Punta Del Este, Uruguay
I love Amy’s work and what a JOY she is to work with. She helped me through some challenges with my website and helped me put it together in a fun and professional way. When I would get anxious, she was always there with a solution and we would typically end up laughing and looking forward to the next step of the process. She has strong people skills and did a great job capturing who I am. Then she turned around and wrote the perfect copy presenting me in such an authentic way through my website. She is dependable, honest and works with the utmost integrity. I would highly recommend her work whether you are experienced with creating your own marketing or not. What you see is what you get with Amy….and what you get is A LOT. Oh yea, her sense of humor is impeccable!
Abby Leach
Seattle, WA
I have had the pleasure of working with Amy on many marketing campaigns over the years. Her expertise in marketing and writing effective copy has consistently yielded the best results of any writer I have used. Whatever your business, Amy has the natural ability to connect with your target audience on a personal level that gets their attention. She is an indispensable part of any marketing efforts I take on. Amy is always accessible, easy to work with and always delivers on time. I never worry that I won’t make a deadline – when I hire Amy I can sit back and know I’ll get exactly what I need.
David Nielsen
Director of Operations, MVT | Musician | Entrepreneur Seattle, WA
Amy, you ARE the bomb…you ROCK! You are such a great business person! You DO know that, right? I miss working with folks like you! You are a “dying” breed.
Barrie MacLauchlin
Danville, KY
Amy is versatile, creative, knowledgeable and current. I have used her skills and expertise to market my children’s books, to market my art, to tailor my webpage. She has been invaluable helping my husband with his website and increasing the sales and customer base for our family business. She has continually proven herself to be an invaluable asset. Really, in my book, she is a marketing genius!
Copy is consistently targeted, efficient and response focused We’ve worked with Amy continuously for a couple of years. Her copy is consistently targeted, efficient and response focused. Amy is constantly investing in herself to keep “sharpening her saw” and this has shown in the results. What’s more, she’s very pleasant to deal with and always hits deadlines on time.
I’ve been working with copywriters for more than 20 years and have struggled to find someone that’s not only a good writer, but who also truly understands marketing… how to truly pinpoint your target audience, connect with them, and compel them to take action. We’ve finally found THE copywriter that fits the bill on ALL counts. But she’s more than just a savvy marketer and brilliant writer; she’ very easy to work with, reliable, and is always well ahead of timelines. But what blew us away was when we split-tested her new sales page copy (of our best sales page) vs. our “control” that we’ve been trying to beat for almost two years. She not only beat it, she increased conversions by more than 43%. I’ve never seen anything like it, and we were eager to wire transfer her a bonus and get started on the next project. So, if you’re looking for a copywriter – and overall marketing strategist – look no further, you should hire Amy immediately. She has the knowledge, experience, and personal commitment to help take your business to the next level. If you have questions or would like to see a screenshot of the the split-test where her copy gave a 43% lift, let me know!
Again, thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work on my web copy and slide deck. You’re a true professional. I love the tone and language. Concise, to the point, and clear. I love how everything is written to the customer’s need and perspective. And I like the main points that you decided to focus on. It’s exactly what I wanted. I would say that my main hesitation to hiring a copywriter (because I never had before) was wondering if you would ‘get it’. How can you, after just a couple brief conversations, articulate my goals, services and culture better than I can after spending ten years working on it? Well, while reading through your copy, that was the consistent thought I was having: “She gets it.” Thank you! UPDATE: So, I wanted to share fun news but also the ‘Ah-ha’ moment of: “It’s working.” People are impressed with the sales deck. They’re getting it, but also wanting to learn more. It’s building trust and creating interest. Exactly what we wanted…. All that to say, “Thanks!” and “You’re good!”
We found Amy online and what a great marketer she is! We have been thrilled with her service, results and attitude from day one. She never misses a deadline – in fact, we’ve found quite the opposite, she’s always early. She responds promptly and professionally to our suggestions, makes adjustments if requested and seems to have no ego in the game; the process is really about her clients wishes and needs. We simply couldn’t do it without you, Amy. Thank you for being available for us.
Arthur Malm and Jyrki Rintanen
Greystone Marketing London, UK
Excellent work — delivered quickly and to our exact specifications…Amy is a true professional, and I would recommend her without hesitation. Thanks!
You are as extraordinary a writer as I thought you would be. I love your wisdom, your expressions and your knowledge of coaching. You have said everything I wanted to say in my head that I was unable to say due to my expression and writing skills .. : ) This is exactly how I want my web content to read, well done, great job! Very happy.
Sam Abraham
Transformations Coaching Group Melbourne, Australia
My book looks and reads great – you got it exactly. I think you did a wonderful ghostwriting job! You really got into my head and I found myself saying “yeah, that’s what I meant” all through the book. Thanks, Amy!
Sue Kopitz
Wet Dog Millionaire Fair Haven, MI
Your skills (in my humble opinion) are a lot more than writing great copy. I think your most valuable skill is your flexibility (in that you don’t clock watch) and your ‘whatever it takes to get the job done’ attitude. That flexibility is quite hard to find – it’s like nurturing your clients.
Jenni Timony
Frankley Donegal, Ireland
Amy Posner is a very talented marketer, with many years of experience in marketing, including writing websites, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns and print materials. I’ve been working with her for close to 15 years, and she gets it right every time. Her passion for marketing shows in her brilliant copywriting – she’s written copy for my companies and clients in various industries: internet services, consumers of telecom services, wellness and education. I would highly recommend Amy with no reservations.
Thomas Nieburg Stockholm, Sweden
Having worked with Amy Posner for the past 7 years; I can say without any reservation that she is a smart and savvy business person. With an extensive marketing background, E-commerce experience and excellent communication skills she is always my “go to” person when I need anything professionally written. She wrote an extensive website for me including all the collateral materials, and the work is stellar. Dentistry is a fairly technical subject, but Amy did the research and wrote copy that read like she’d been part of the profession all along. Amy wrote an email campaign that pulled a whopping 11%! I’ve never had results like that before. One of the things I love about Amy is her no B.S. approach – she tells it like it is, without hype and pressure, which is so refreshing. She has dedicated much of her career to helping others develop personally and professionally, and I have been fortunate to have been one of those people. You are the best Amy!
Jan Hill
Dental Marketer Harbor Springs, MI
I’m very particular about marketing. I want my website, email campaigns and marketing to get response. Over the years, I’ve spent tons of money on creative marketing and didn’t get the kind of response I had hoped for. After meeting and working with Amy all that changed! The copy she’s written for me works like nothing else I’ve ever seen which means more leads turning into more customers = financial rewards. Recently I contacted Amy to work on a project and rewrite our companies’ entire website along with a number of collateral materials. It was a short deadline job, and Amy went above and beyond, sacrificed holiday time with friends and family, and really came through for me. To top it off, the results were above and beyond what I ever imagined. Amy is working on a blog for me and written video scripts and ad campaigns – I trust Amy implicitly and recommend her highly. What I love about Amy’s writing is that when you read it, you feel like the words are speaking to YOU.She takes the time to understand my needs and my target audience. It works. She’s the best of the best!!
Rose Paveltich
TE International Seattle, WA
I have worked with Amy for over 16 years and have always found her to be knowledgeable, up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques and fully engaged with me as the client. Her skills as a marketing strategist shine through in her writing – she gets it every time with pinpoint accuracy. She is extremely well versed in marketing for small businesses. She’s a strategic thinker focused on doing the right thing at the right time. Her writing is impeccable. She recently helped me on a web project for my industrial recycling business – I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I trust her instincts and I recommend her highly! I have learned a lot about business, marketing and writing from Amy. In my opinion you can’t go wrong working with her – she’s among the best of the best. Recently I contacted Amy to work on a project and rewrite our companies’ entire website along with a number of collateral materials. It was a short deadline job, and Amy went above and beyond, sacrificed holiday time with friends and family, and really came through for me. To top it off, the results were above and beyond what I ever imagined. Amy is working on a blog for me and written video scripts and ad campaigns – I trust Amy implicitly and recommend her highly. What I love about Amy’s writing is that when you read it, you feel like the words are speaking to YOU.She takes the time to understand my needs and my target audience. It works. She’s the best of the best!!
Gerry Magid
Real Estate Developer Boston, Massachusetts
Thank you, Amy…You have been amazing to work with. You are the best marketing strategist. In my experience, it’s always been about hurry up and wait. But with you, it’s been a breeze. The work gets done promptly, my website reads brilliantly, the letters are well written, people are responding and buying and maybe most important of all is that I can get a hold of you quickly when I need you! One of my pet peeves is about grammar and use of language, and I just feel like I’m in good company with you because you obviously care about these fine points as well. It sure shows.
I first ‘met’ Amy through reading her writing. Being highly impressed with her writing, I called her. The rest is history. Amy has what I call her “X” factor, that rare mix of charismatic charm and professionalism that as you work with her can be “caught”. Happy people, people who enjoy what they do, are the most successful. Amy knows all the ins and outs of marketing and has the field experience and results that make her that exceptional gem. I would recommend Amy without reservation. Amy is a true pro. More than that, she is a genuine, caring person who will do all she can to make YOU a success, not just your business. I would add that I always look forward to talking with Amy. She always seems to have something insightful to share or a warm, encouraging word. To take a line from an old Tina Turner song, she is “simply the best”.
Vincent Imperial
Pensacola, FL

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