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Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach

Outside perspective on your copy gives you an edge on your competition and improves your results.

Every time.

Outside perspective on your copy gives you an edge on your competition and improves your results.

Every time.

Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach
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In-house creative teams are brilliant

You have a crew who knows your value props, your audience, your track record of what works, and what doesn’t. They understand what moves your ideal prospect.

Bottom line?

Your team knows your business inside-out. Instead of having to dig deep on research each time, they can use their creative energy to craft campaigns, come up with new big ideas, and can test and optimize – potentially creating a huge financial advantage as they refine and scale your offers.

The advantage cuts both ways

While familiarity creates some great efficiencies, it also can get in the way of new creative thinking. When you focus on the same concepts over and over, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. It can be hard to know when you need a new idea or sense where good ideas aren’t being delivered well, because the team is too close to the content. 

And we all know messaging grows stale. It can be hard to know when, or how to fix it. I’ve often worked with teams who know their copy isn’t pulling like it once did, but they’re stumped as to why. They’re not sure what to change, or test. They’re not unwilling, but they are stuck. 

The solution?

Getting outside perspective gives you the edge

I’ve reviewed nearly a thousand pieces of copy and I’ve been writing effective, results-driven copy for more than a decade. I can very quickly review almost any type of copy and determine if the:

A-listers and agencies use me, why shouldn’t you…

Make me your secret weapon

A copy chief who’s an expert in conversion and direct response copy gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

I can not only improve existing copy, I can help you come up with new big ideas and angles for new or existing offers, as well as help you improve risk removers like guarantees and proof points and strategize positioning. Sometimes all you need is to breathe new life into an existing campaign. And sometimes, it’s more complex, but either way, knowing what to do makes all the difference.

Analyzing and improving existing copy often gets you the clarity you need and prevents you from having to go back to square one (which isn’t very inspirational and doesn’t always get the results you’re after).

Whether you need an in-depth review or audit of existing copy, or you’ve dreamed of a creative partner who can brainstorm with you, help create momentum in your campaigns and improve the results from existing copy, I’m your chief!

I’ve been in and around the copywriting world for nearly three decades. I’ve worked with companies of every size and description and have had my eyeballs on the copy of some very well-known and sought fater business leaders.

You’d be surprised which successful campaigns keep improving as a result of a copy chief – it’s one of the best kept secret weapons of the wildly successful.

If you want to gain an unfair copy advantage so you can get better than average results – ongoing or on a one-time basis – let’s talk.

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– and I’ve written winning copy for more than a decade, my eye is very refined.

Or, you can’t break the habit of using formulas and strategies that have worked in the past, but aren’t continuing to produce the same (needed) results. It’s hard to get perspective on the water when you’re swimming in the pool.

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