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“If only I had an expert to help me get my copy 100% client-ready — that confidence would change everything.”

Show up prepared, with copy you are proud of and decisions you have the backbone — and knowledge — to defend.

Have you ever wondered:

“Is my copy good enough to justify my rates and keep me from feeling like a total impostor?”

Is it good enough for you to:

Working with a Copy Chief just might be YOUR solution

Is it good enough for you to:

We all know the rollercoaster ride of writing copy. The certainty one moment, followed by the paralyzing second-guessing the next.

The nasty bullies in your head, wreaking havoc, shouting L O U D… beating you up. We all seem to have them – at every level of success.

The mental fog you get lost in when you’re working alone in your cave, with no feedback or input beyond your cat’s suspicious squint.

You start to wonder if you cut out for this…

Maybe you’d love an expert’s help — but a part of you thinks there’s something wrong with you if you can’t do this on your own…

I’ve been there — feeling stuck. Insecure. Unsure. Awkward.

Quoting incorrectly and losing money as I lost time.

Going after the wrong clients for the wrong reasons. 

My solution? 

To break out of the (sometimes painful) isolation of writing alone. 

I got coaching. I joined elite MasterMinds. 

My knowledge of the marketplace got deeper. My writing skills got sharper. My confidence grew stronger. 

Then, I went on to lead some of those very same MasterMinds. 

I owe much of my success — and most of my sanity — to working with coaches and colleagues and being part of those MasterMind groups – still. 


Working in isolation isn't conducive to growth, or improvement

Listen, there’s a reason writing teams exist on SNL and in ad agencies. And there’s a reason top athletes have coaches —

To get on track, and stay on track. To have a champion in your corner.

Someone who tells you what works, so you can improve. And someone to — kindly — point out what isn’t working and why.

The idea that genius strikes only in tortured isolation is a myth — and it can keep you from getting the second set of eyes you need on your copy.

It’s almost impossible to get perspective on your own work. And when you’ve read it 26 times? Or you’re on a tight deadline?

The copy doesn’t have time to sit, so you can get the distance you need to see it with fresh eyes… you have no clue.

That’s when outside perspective by a seasoned copy chief and mentorTop copywriters know better can change everything for you.

Top copywriters know better than anyone:

The fastest way to succeed as a copywriter is to have a Copy Chief

…A coach who gets you, listens to you and gives you straight-up feedback on your copy, with specific notes so you get better with every project. Someone who knows every aspect of copywriting inside and out —  headlines, guarantees, calls to action, persuasion techniques, bullets and fascinations, messaging hierarchy, length based on states of awareness, how to use voice-of-customer effectively, direct response vs. conversion copy…

…A mentor who — when you need it — can also give you expert advice on everything client-related — pricing, scoping, running sales calls, onboarding, delivering copy, rounds of revisions, niching, raising your rates, creating productized services…

…A teacher who explains WHY they’re making the recommendations they are — the principles behind them and the ideas that drive them — but leaves it to you to make the changes. So you understand the concepts and make the learning your own.

…A champion who’s there to celebrate your wins, sympathize with your struggles and help you move past them — someone who’s got your back and who’s dedicated to helping you succeed.– when you 

It used to be only agency copywriters could access this secret advantage…

Freelancers were left out in the cold, to muck their way through by trial and error.

Maybe you figure out how to write copy that performs well, maybe not. The uncertainty plays mind games with your confidence.

It can be overwhelming to go it alone.

But, you don’t have to. Now, you can get the specific copy help YOU need to succeed…

“I paid a HEAP of money to have Amy as my Copy and Business Coach – TWICE – because I knew working with her would basically make it rain in my own copywriting biz. And I wasn't bloody wrong!"

“The thing is, Amy isn’t just THE BEST when it comes to helping you see what it takes to create mind-bending copy that converts like crazy – she also has this incredible knack for spotting what you’re missing in your whole business set-up and showing you how to seamlessly fix the gaps. So that suddenly your messaging is magnetic, your offers are irresistible … and the clients are stacking up at the starting line, itching to work with you!”

“I’m telling you, Amy is the original Client Whisperer … get her on your side, and you’re off to the races!”

GIN WALKER // Bio Copywriter Extraordinaire

Deliver killer copy your clients will rave about.
1:1 copy mentoring transforms your skills and your confidence


Get expert feedback on your copy, training to write better copy including theory and best practices from conversion and direct response copy, clear direction, and the confidence you need to charge the premium rates you see other people charging… and dream you might charge one day.

Copy Chiefing can help you build your confidence and ensure you’re earning well  — sooner, rather than later!

Build Money-Making Copy Chops

Copywriting is an iterative process. Several drafts in, it’s easy to lose perspective and confidence — writing, rewriting. And, with all there is to consider, you might lose sight of structure, formula or your messaging hierarchy. Getting an experienced copy chief’s eyes on your work lets you focus on improving — with practical, constructive suggestions tied to the principles behind them.

See Your Work Clearly

A fresh set of expert eyes on your work helps you KNOW when you’re on track, and where to take a new direction. You’ll write more quickly, with less hassle. Your copy improves — F A S T (especially when you’re smashing bad habits and replacing them with better ones). The learning sticks when you’re putting theory into practice in real time. You’ll discover you’re better than you thought — with a lot more potential.

Develop Unstoppable Confidence

A second opinion gives you confidence to move forward faster, even when you’re uncertain. Talking through the purpose and the goals can help snap your ideas into focus and improve your work. You’ll discover all the things you’re doing right (a lot) and improve those. Be empowered to stretch beyond your comfort zone. With a safety net, you’ll aim higher and show up bolder.

Go From Panicked to Productive

Save time and reduce stress by knowing exactly what to do, when and how. No more wasting effort second-guessing and spinning your wheels. Instead of digging for answers and struggling with your drafts, get your questions answered and move forward with confidence. You get more done – which gives you more time to build your business, feed your funnel and, ultimately, create the life you want

Paul Melrose

"One of the best business decisions I have ever made was booking a session with Amy."

She provided clarity, direction and insights I might have spent years discovering. Our first session resolved soooo many questions that were holding me back and gave me the keys to unlock the next door in my career (and yes, Amy pointed out the door too).
Andrew Yedlin

Freelance Copywriter

Andrew increased his rate for a past client by over 40%

“Amy is my go-to for sticky client issues. About 10 days ago, an old client reached out to me with a big project. I was excited, because I knew that this project would be a valuable addition to my portfolio. The problem was, the last time I worked with this client, I was very new to copywriting and therefore, charging a very low rate.

Here was the challenge I presented to Amy: How do I try to get this client to pay a higher rate without risking losing the project? If the client balks at the new rate, how can I save face and offer the original rate without looking like I was trying to pull one over on them?

Amy showed me how to frame the rate increase in terms of added value for the client. She also gave me a clever plan B that made me feel confident enough to handle the situation even if the client didn’t accept the new rate. But plan B stayed in my pocket, because the client accepted the rate increase of over 40%!”

With a copy chief in your back pocket, you’ll be:

Sophia Le

SaaS Email Consultant

“I have read the works of Gene Schwartz, Bob Bly and John Caples. I know the difference between 
PAS, FAB and AIDA. But when I wrote my first long-form sales page, the theory only took me so far.

Amy’s feedback on my draft helped me rework my messaging hierarchy, tighten up my language,
and gave me a new perspective on why the product is valuable to customers. The crazy part is,
that was just the first round.

For anyone who’s looking to tighten up their copywriting skills and wants a refresher, you can’t pass
up the chance to learn from Amy. She not only knows the copywriting concepts, but she’s got years
of experience writing and teaching it.”

You want to be coached by someone who’s been where you are, who knows the ropes.

I’ve been running a successful six-figure direct response and conversion copy business for years – and I built it myself from the ground up.

I’ve been in business for decades — and I’ve been a business coach (on and off) for more than 20 years.

I love helping other copywriters shorten the curve to a successful, CONSISTENTLY well-paying business…

…But I write for clients too – so I know what’s going on in the day-to-day world of a copywriter.

That’s how I get results like this:

“What blew us away was when we split-tested her new sales page copy (of our best sales page) vs. our “control” that we’ve been trying to beat for almost two years.

Amy not only beat our control, she increased conversions by more than 43%.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and we were eager to wire transfer her a bonus and get started on the next project.”

Chad Tackett, Fitera, LLC

I’m direct, but kind


I’m committed to telling you the truth. I know you’re putting your heart (and your ego) on the line when you bring copy and business concerns to the table. I’m trusted by some of the top copywriters to keep their confidence and help them improve their game. I’m a vault – you can count on total confidentiality.

I don’t criticize. Instead, I give you the tools and knowledge you need to build the business you want – and hopefully, just maybe, to inspire you to dig deep and create your best work.

Natalie Smithson

Freelance Copywriter

“The thing about a copy review is it’s never just about the words; a struggle could just as well come from a client issue or lack of confidence. Good news is, Amy’s experienced in it all, so you’ll pick up more than improved copy skills. She is wise, funny and wants you to thrive.

If other clinics offer a bandaid for your copy problems, Amy helps clean up your bad habits, push through the pain of learning how to be a better copywriter, and helps you avoid any falls.

Although Copy Clinic sessions are relaxed, they’re insightful. I find Amy’s advice beds in over time, so rather than improve one piece of copy, everything you write starts to improve.”

In 20+ years as a business owner, I’ve encountered basically every single copy problem imaginable. Anywhere. Ever.

I’ve worked with a (crazy) wide variety of clients. I challenge you to bring a type of copy or writing for an industry I don’t have some kind of experience with – I really think I’ve seen it all, but if I’m wrong, drinks are on me.

Some day ask me about the ghostwriting client who threatened to make me pay if I refused to include her bad dating stories in her real estate investing book…(!) Or, the client who insisted on hiring me to write a sales page (for $12,500) because he KNEW I was the right fit for him.

I bring all those years of experience – and all the stories (and the lessons learned) – to every single session.

My Copy Clinic was the inspo for Coaching on Demand.
Chiefing works. Here’s your proof:

Kirsty Fanton

Freelance Copywriter

“Amy, this is where I wax lyrical, because you – your expertise, personality and approach – are what’s made Copy Clinic so valuable!

I love that you’re that rare combination of blunt and warm, because it means your thoughts come across as crystal clear encouragement.

When I’ve had my copy critiqued in the past, it’s sometimes left me confused, because I get an array of suggestions that – when put together – really aren’t helpful. This hasn’t been that at all.

I also enjoy your personality: your sense of humor and love of little side stories make you a non-threatening expert and a great teacher.”

Ami Williamson

KIAMI WILLIAMSON Freelance Copywriter

“Amy’s the copy coach you need. She’ll whip your writing into shape and teach you how to improve it, without making you feel terrible.

After the first workshop, I was excited to jump in and edit the copy she critiqued. And everything else I’d ever written.”

Andrew Yedlin

ANDREW YEDLIN Freelance Copywriter

“Clients can tell you what they like and what they don’t like, but let’s face it: Most clients don’t know good copy from bad. When it comes to copywriting, if you don’t get feedback from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, how are you supposed to improve? It’s like trying to learn to play an instrument without being able to hear the notes you’re playing. No feedback, no improvement.

I knew this from the day I started my copywriting career, but never found a coach or program that felt right. I took online courses, read the required books and so on. I learned the principles and took diligent notes. But how well was I implementing them? Was I applying them effectively? Did that technique I learned make sense for this particular project?

Enter Amy and Copy Clinic. Amy is kind, funny, reassuring and knowledgeable. When it was time for my copy to get reviewed in front of the group, my nerves subsided moments after Amy started giving me feedback. With Amy, I get the sense that whatever it is, she’s seen it before.

Whether the issue is about my copy or my client, I feel like I could bring up just about anything. Amy has an answer for almost everything. And if she doesn’t, she won’t BS you. Amy has no problem turning to the other members of the group for their opinions as well.”

Angela Johnson

ANGELA JOHNSON Freelance Copywriter

“Amy would just drop gems casually here and there – great nuggets of wisdom that I didn’t know or hadn’t thought about.

Plus, Amy is not intimidating or scary, but funny and kind which I feel is essential in a mentor.

Copy Clinic was such a fun, reassuring and insightful process! I loved seeing what other copywriters were up to and getting real-time feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

I took SO many notes that were immediately useful on other projects.”

Working with a copy chief changes everything…

  • You silence the nasty internal dialogue and write the copy you are meant to let loose on the world
  • You’re more assured – the confidence bleeds over into every area of your life
  • You start to see yourself in a different light – you DO deserve great clients and paychecks that excite you
  • Your copy improves – instead of stressing and worrying, you’re producing (and in way less time)
  • You take on better clients – ones with more sophisticated needs and deeper pockets
  • Then your copy improves some more – it starts being fun – little bit of a game to it (yes, really)
  • You increase your fees based on reality and results – no more ‘crap shoots of self-doubt’
  • You feel like a pro – you can even breathe when you write. Damn. You start looking forward to it
  • It takes you less time (and stress) to get to the finish line — you’ve transformed your business

Freelance Copywriter

Katie went from earning $30 an hour to over $12k a MONTH

Before Copy Clinic, I was pretty lost. Making $30 an hour on the occasional Upwork gig. Cold emailing prospects. Barely closing projects for hundreds of dollars. I had no idea how to close bigger and better gigs… and was my copy even good enough to warrant a bigger paycheck? I had no clue.

Amy showed me the exact moments in my copy where I was losing people, what was confusing, and gave me a blueprint to get my clients better results every time. And she helped me with all those one-off “So the client asked for this… now what?” questions that always crop up.

It was exactly what I needed to graduate to the next level. The level where clients approach me and pitching is a thing of the past. The level where I started hiring subcontractors and team members to help with the workload…

…The level where I’m solidly bringing in $12k+ a month in PROFIT and politely replying “no thank you” to all those low paying clients. I’m too busy for those gigs anyway.

I never would have gotten to where I am without the consistent feedback and mentorship I got week after week from Amy. I hate to think where I’d be without her.”

Are you ready to...

+ Confidently quote the fees you really want – and have clients who are thrilled to pay, because they get YOU

+ Have clients knocking on YOUR door – so you get to choose the projects you want to work on

+ Stop worrying about your pipeline and cash flow – because there’s money in the bank and more on the way

+ Develop your own posse of mentors and colleagues who have your back – so you don’t write alone anymore

+ Handle clients with confidence so you can command better fees and experience peace of mind

"For anyone who's looking to tighten up their copywriting skills and wants a refresher, you can't pass up the chance to learn from Amy"

Amy’s feedback on my draft helped me rework my messaging hierarchy, tighten up my language, and gave me a new perspective on why the product is valuable to customers. The crazy part is, that was just the first round.

Sophia Le

Seattle, WA

DANA OWENS // Chicago, IL

"While I've found a TON of value in the critiques, the most notable thing for me is the way Amy delivers feedback & how approachable she is"

I tend to feel intimidated easily by people who have a lot more experience/clout than me — it usually makes me feel hopelessly behind for some reason — but I don’t feel that way with Amy, which is such a relief.

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