Magnetic North Mastermind

Cohort three runs January-June 2022. Designed to help you figure out exactly what’s yours to do. Then, we make a plan to create a business you love, with an income that supports you well.

I went from having zero clients on the docket in January to being fully booked out

a few months later.

“In the last four months, Amy (and the incredibly, incredibly generous Magnetic North Mastermind group) helped me:

  • Truly nail my niche (in a super specific, intentional way)
  • Land my absolute ideal clients
  • Gain so much more confidence in my skills (and up my prices to charge accordingly)
  • See the unique value I bring to the space
  • Put allll the dots of running my own business together for me
  • Become a customer service ninja, fully confident that I can deliver a VIP experience
  • Feel totally confident on sales calls.

The other deep gift of Magnetic North is the caliber of colleagues Amy brings into her world. The other members of this Mastermind are brilliant, driven experts… who also happen to be open-hearted, fun, and extremely kind.

The support I’ve gotten as I navigate my business is just unheard of. This encouragement to take risks, try new things, step into my own spotlight from a group of badasses has made me feel like I really skipped the line in my copywriting business. I love this group, and I love working with Amy.”


What’s yours to do in 2022?

Twelve copywriters have already seen the benefits of working directly with me in their business. Between Jan 2021 and May, they:

If you’re interested in being part of a small, tight-knit group of colleagues who are there to Get. Shit. Done. and take next big career steps (whatever those are for you)…hit me up by email ( and we’ll set up a time to meet and find out if we have a fit.

Amy Posner 2021

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