Marketing Funnels

Automate Your Prospect Journey

Carefully crafted marketing funnels allow you to meet every single visitor where they are in that moment and bring them through a strategically designed, intentional process.

The result? More business. More profits. More easily.

Your website has two jobs:

Grab your visitor’s interest
Get them to take action

You’ve been told:

People don’t read
You have to be clever
Selling is skeezy

People pay (close) attention and read ALL you have to say, when you address the conversation already happening in their head.

Nothing wrong with clever, but meaningful and strategic yields consistent results. If it’s clever too? Cool.

Selling is simply bridging the gap between what you offer and what they need. No need to be creepy. It’s not pushy, aggressive or phony (well, it can be, but you can’t get that here).

Too often, marketing leads with solutions. Humans are dialed into their own self-interest. You MUST start there. Strategically constructed funnels allow you to connect with – and nurture – your audience.

I’ve written marketing funnels with more moving parts than a Detroit assembly line, and some that are very basic and can be grown over time. I can help you determine what will work best for your needs and deliver the results you’re after.

Results like I’ve consistently delivered for Erin, who said about me:

I Thought I Was Getting a Copywriter and I Got a Full Stack Marketer!

Erin Pheil, President & Lead Consultant, FollowBright

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