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The moment you take control of your sales calls is the moment you

Take control of your business

Position yourself as the go-to expert your clients want to hire in your very next sales call

(with a proven system you can master in just 2 hours!)

Amy Posner 2021

It's no longer about your copy

There’s that moment in the call when you lose control.

It starts well. You take charge. They nod as you lead.

You establish your ability to dig deep and problem solve, and then, out of frigging nowhere…

They ask the one question you begged the universe to toss into a black hole.

For some of us it’s a money question. For others it’s an experience question.

Whatever that question is for you? It’s your sales-call kryptonite.

They’re still talking but you can’t hear them anymore. Everything is in slow motion as the call spins out of control.

Afterwards, you look yourself in the mirror in despair. Your copy skills are rock solid, but this selling yourself business?

Here’s what I can tell you from my 30 years experience building businesses, coaching A-Listers and running a Manhattan agency. You can master this.

And you can do it so you feel great about your calls and confident about your ability to deal with whatever is thrown your way. I’ve been teaching this key business-building skill in my private coaching sessions for years and now I’m going to teach you.

The skill pro copywriters master to make more money, get better clients and continually grow their business

Every successful pro copywriter knows this…

Control your sales calls and you control you business


Your calls establish you as the expert (which is what good clients are looking for)

Your calls red-flag bad-fit clients (and green-lights the great ones)

Your calls identify the problem your client needs you to solve (and how much they can expect to pay you)

Land more Business with
No-Sweat Sales Calls

Transform your sales-call process (in just two hours)
so your prospects see you as the go-to expert they want to hire

Getting good at sales calls is a process —100%!
A process with clearly defined steps.

I learned it. Every successful A-Lister learned it. Now it’s your turn.

How I Got There
(and how you will too)

Years ago, I built a huge sales team. I had to learn how to make great sales calls and then I had to teach the process! I was determined to get good at it.

Here’s how I made that happen.

I recorded every sales call I made (you should do the same – with permission). I went over each call and took notes.

What worked? What didn’t? What were the moments of tension? What did I say to make clients relax and see me as the right person? What were the red flags that said pull-emergency-eject now?

How I Got There
(and how you will too)

I used what I learned to improve my calls. Each one got a bit better. When I got to the point where I wanted to take the tough ones to prove something (to myself), I taught my team the skills.

I worried the skills wouldn’t be  transferable. But they are!

And it’s not a gradual change. It’s damn quick. I started getting better clients. My confidence in my own business abilities soared. So did my team’s!

We use the phrase game changer a lot. But this really was.

I’ve developed and refined my calls process over the years and I turned it into a system I could pass onto other copywriters with equal success.

I call it my No-Sweat Sales Calls approach. It’s made my coaching clients hundreds of thousands in hard, cold green.

Immediately Actionable

Amy just helped me land the biggest gig of my career. Her intuitive sense of "what's next," from discovery call to signing the contract was spot on, every time. Amy's sharp, straightforward advice made it easy for me to move ahead with confidence. Her generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for the opportunity meant so much to me.

Amy McGlinn
Copywriter & Strategist

Highly Profitable

“Amy showed me how to frame the rate increase in terms of added value for the client. She also gave me a clever plan B that made me feel confident enough to handle the situation even if the client didn’t accept the new rate.

But plan B stayed in my pocket, because the client accepted the rate increase of over 40%!”

Andrew Yedlin
Conversion Copywriter

What to Expect from Your No-Sweat-Sales-Calls Transformation

Two hours. That’s how long it takes to transform your sales-call game.
Transforming your rates, your professional standing, your clients and your business.
Two hours to change every aspect of your sales-call game.

Here’s how…

Your (Two-Hour) Transformation Process

Because I’ve helped so many successful copywriters (just like you) to master my No-Sweat Sales Calls, I know what works best. And it’s this…

You have to make it your own. From the very start.

Here’s how you do that…

The heart of your No-Sweat-Sales-Calls program is your Transformation Kit.

These are your step-by-step worksheets.

They walk you through every aspect of the sales-call process, from establishing your call goals, preparing your Expert Statement, planning your budget conversation, defining project scope and establishing next steps.

When you have finished your call your clients will know…

… you’re the expert they need (because you did a deep dive and identified their real problems)

… you have the experience they are looking for (because you laid out great strategic options)

… you can execute fully on the project (because you took charge and showed you’ve got this — people who can run calls, can run projects)

Your Two-Hour Transformation Kit will automatically convert your worksheet answers into the your personalized No-Sweat-Sales-Call script. Ready for your very next call. (It’s a pretty cool feature, actually….)


I’m going to guide you through every step along the way. With tutorial and insight videos.

These insights alone will give you that extra edge and confidence. (And each of them can make a big difference to your bottom line.)

Here’s a breakdown of the five modules you’ll have instant access to as soon as you get the kit…

Step By Step

Guidance and Expert Insights

Module 1: You’re Solving - Not Selling

First, we’ll dive into your mindset. You need to see yourself as the best person to help your clients with their biggest problem. You’re not selling. You’re solving. Your clients expect this from you.

Module 2: How to Vet Your Clients

The wrong clients result in a much more than imaginary laptop flinging. They cost you money. I’ll share the Five Red Flags that, once you know them, signal immediate disengagement (and I show you how to do that too).

Module 3: Put Your Call on (Pro) Rails

I’ll share the exact same call structure I use on my calls. You will establish your authority with your Expert Statement, lead the conversation to analyze your clients’ needs and frame your solution so you get paid as an expert.

Module 4: Money Talk

Your client is only talking to you because they want money. They’re very clear in their own minds about that. They expect the same from you. Match their clarity when you talk about money and they’ll know you’re a pro. I’ll show you how.

Module 5: Wrapping The Call

Time to bring the call to a close. This is the moment you confirm yourself in your clients’ eyes as the person running the show (which is what gets you the pro fees). With a few simple tricks I’ll share with you, you’ll end the call as the go-to expert they were looking for.


The Sales-Call Teardown

There’s nothing like seeing it done for real. Watch me conduct an actual sales call, from start to finish, each stage analyzed. I’ll explain what I was thinking for each stage and the different options I had.

Your Client-Questions Cheat Sheet

They always come up. The client questions that kick your brain into fight or flight mode. But they are also a huge opportunity to impress. With my client cheat sheet, you’ll get better and better at answering, and asking, the key questions that demonstrate the exact expertise they are looking for.

Use Insight Learning to

Transform your business

If you want to write great headlines on demand, you need to put the hours in. This is Practice.

But if you have never written a headline before and have no idea where to start, practice won’t help. But you can instantly transform your ability with Insight.

Focus on benefits over features
Use YOU whenever possible
Use Voice of Customer research to find sticky language

Practice is essential, but only with Insight Learning. Otherwise you are just practicing not to change.

What I can tell you based on my 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, copy-chief and A-list copy coach

I’ve seen what Insight Learning can achieve. In an instant.

I’ve seen how it transforms great copywriters who are a bag of nerves before calls, who react badly when challenged by a client or who vastly underprice their work.

Insight Learning transforms you, your calls and your business.

Thanks to Amy I also have a short-list of go-to responses to whip out for different client hesitations or objections.

It feels so good to know how to handle clients going forward and in a way that makes me feel like such a boss (because it’s not about sucking it up or compromising).

Hannah Shamji
Customer-Insight Specialist

Get excited about Your Next Call

( that’d be new and different, huh?)

There will be a next call. And another after that.

You don’t want to keep doing what you’ve always done…

Instead, you want to look forward to your sales calls, because they land you killer projects.

No-Sweat Sales Calls is how you break that cycle of uncertainty and take control. It’s you getting on a call and having the confidence, preparation and insights to establish yourself as the stand-out copywriter they trust and value.

It’s you hitting ‘end meeting’ and knowing you nailed it.

It’s you being able to spot the bad fit and hit eject before you waste any more of your time (and money).

It’s not just you feeling like a pro. It’s you being the pro.

You already are the professional copywriter they need. You already are the strategist who can see the problem and deliver the solution. Now you are the business pro they trust and want to work with.

Businesses all over the world are actively looking for you. They’ll pay you well, treat you well and be great partners.

And they’ll know they have found you on that first call.

It’s what the A-Listers know…

The moment you take control of your sales calls is the moment you take control of your business.

Your No-Sweat-Sales-Calls Toolkit
Your Five Expert-Insight Modules
Your Sales-Call Masterclass
Your Client-Questions Cheat Sheet

And my 30 years of business-building and
A-List coaching expertise

In a single bundle…

For calls that establish you as their expert of choice. To command bigger fees and land killer projects.

You’re Ready for No-Sweat Sales Call if You Want:

Better-fit clients who are enthusiastic partners for your best work
(instead of clients who see you as a utility they just turn on and off as needed)

Clients who are part of your growth strategy, moving you and your business forward
(and not just another round on the I-have-to-pay-my-bills carousel)

Clearly defined project scope
(not project creep that ends up with
“those blog posts we talked about earlier”)

A clear set of checkboxes to tell you if you need to end a call and say, ‘we’re not a fit’
(instead of regretting your decision three months later when you are desperately trying to end your relationship so you can just get paid)

Ready-to-go answers of awesomeness for when they ask the so-how-do-we know-you can-do-all-of-this question
(instead of wondering how the hell they knew

A clear set of steps to walk every client through on every call
(and not feeling like you’re kayaking backwards down an Olympic slalom course)

A down-pat strategy for talking about budget and your fee so you come off sounding like a consummate professional who gets paid accordingly
(and not someone hinting at what they want for their birthday)


The perfect call wrap-up that lets the client know, hell-yes! you’ve totally got this, with the nexts steps clearly laid out so your projects kicks off on rails

Your full suite of business-building courses…

No Sweat Sales Calls is just the beginning!

I’m going to teach a lot more than how to run profitable sales calls with pro-confidence!

I’m going to share with you my most successful prospecting strategies (that keep my waiting list long and healthy).

I’m going to show you how I write proposals that come back ‘deposit paid’.

I’ll share my client wrangling secrets (so you can develop longterm, mutually profitable relationships with dream clients).

I’ll show you how to make those crucial niching decisions, the ones that let you claim expert status (and charge expert rates).

And I’ll walk you through how to get paid for the value you bring your clients.

Later this year, I’m launching my Magnetic North Business-Skills Program. I’m bringing you my 30 years of experience and sharing my most powerful, business-transforming insights in 6 mini courses.

But you don’t have to wait to start making the transformations that make you more money! No Sweat Sales Calls is module number 1 and is available right now. (And I have a very special offer to celebrate its launch…)

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