Direct Response Conversion Copy –

How It Works & Why You Should Use It

Great messaging joins the conversation your reader is already having in their head.

Doing that grabs them immediately by their self-interest so they understand – in no uncertain terms – you get THEM.

You prove it by speaking directly to their unique desires, aspirations, problems and challenges.  Proving you know, care about and understand what they’re up against builds trust and credibility.

Until you create a connection, it’s hard to get – and keep – anyone’s interest.

I have a process to nail down what your ideal target audience is thinking, and cares about, so we can speak to them about what matters – to them. Because…

Too much messaging is all about your company and
not enough about your visitor

Direct Response Conversion Copy tells your company and brand story through your reader’s filter.

Yes, they want to know about you.

But first – they want to know you understand why they’re visiting your site in the first place. This sounds mundane, even obvious, but it’s shocking how many sites miss the mark.

Marketing strategy + direct response =
conversion focused response

…Exactly what I use to bring your visitors through a deliberate process proven to:

  • Engage them (so they keep reading your message)
  • Appeal to their emotions and their logic (to connect , build credibility and desire)
  • Compels them to do what is ultimately in their best interest (take action)

It’s a simple system to craft clear, crisp messaging that speaks directly to your ideal target audience about what’s important, meaningful and motivating to them.

Oh, did I mention? It flat-out works:

I’ve been working with copywriters for more than 20 years and have struggled to find someone that’s not only a good writer, but who also truly understands marketing… how to truly pinpoint your target audience, connect with them, and compel them to take action. We’ve finally found THE copywriter that fits the bill on ALL counts. But she’s more than just a savvy marketer and brilliant writer; she’ very easy to work with, reliable, and is always well ahead of timelines.

But what blew us away was when we split-tested her new sales page copy (of our best sales page) vs. our “control” that we’ve been trying to beat for almost two years. She not only beat it, she increased conversions by more than 43%. I’ve never seen anything like it, and we were eager to wire transfer her a bonus and get started on the next project.

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter – and overall marketing strategist – look no further, you should hire Amy immediately. She has the knowledge, experience, and personal commitment to help take your business to the next level. If you have questions or would like to see a screenshot of the the split-test where her copy gave a 43% lift, let me know!

Chad Tackett, Founder FITera, LLC

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