MLM Business Building with ‘Posture’

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Jump Out and Be Yourself

Jump Out and Be Yourself

Posture is really your attitude. Attitude in the whole sense, as in state of mind as opposed to your street swagger, for example. A great networker I know talks about putting on her ‘posture pants’ before making a phone call.

What she means is adjusting her attitude, getting in the right frame of mind. The attitude we want to convey is one of confidence and enthusiasm. Confidence comes over time from experience and belief. So how does that translate for someone just getting started, when perhaps you don’t feel confident yet in your abilities?

The key is to find what you are confident about. Many new networkers are concerned about talking to people because they haven’t made a lot (or sometimes any money) yet. They wonder who would listen to them and why.

I’m not a big believe in fake-it-til-you-make-it. I’m a big believer in being authentic and telling the truth. What that looks like in this example is saying: you know, I’ve done my due diligence, I’m in the process of training and education and I’m looking for a few people like you, so that together we can build something that will be financially meaningful for both of us. AND, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen OR this is the first thing I really see will work for me…you’ve gotta see it! So, tell the truth, and share your enthusiasm.

No one starts a business and is making money right away. In fact, in traditional business the norm is about two years before most businesses are in profit. So, when people want to base a decision on what you’ve done in a couple of weeks, you have to help them see the potential for them, not base their decision on some unrealistic expectation.

You start by sharing your enthusiasm and belief. It can be your belief in what you’ve seen, what you’re planning for, what you know others are experiencing already and your enthusiasm about what that will mean to you if you stay the course and realize the success you desire. As I said earlier, and this is the most important point – it’s not about what you’ve already done, it’s about what you’re going to do, and you can be proud of that – you’ve taken a bold and courageous step toward changing your future. Give yourself credit and take that attitude with you.

It’s important to capture the things that motivate you and drive you, and the reasons you’re excited about your new business. Let me be more specific here. When you were doing your research, something got you excited and got you started. What was it?

The product? The company? The comp plan? The fact that you were introduced to your business by someone you know and respect? Someone who’s been successful? All those things are meaningful and you need a way to capture the feelings they produce(d) for you, so you can go back to them and build up your ‘source’ of belief and enthusiasm.

In your process of becoming a student of your company and of the industry, you should be listening and watching and learning from the experts. What have you seen that’s been motivating for you? That enables you to envision what you want, that gives you the feeling of excitement and/or anticipation? Those things are tangible, and repeatable.

Make a list or a mental note of the information that gets you jazzed and USE it. Refer back to it – find 5 and 10 minute snippets that you can use while you’re getting your game on. When you’re getting ready to make calls, or go out and talk to people, or however you’re connecting, get in the right mind set first. It will make your work easier, more enjoyable, and it will absolutely yield better results. It doesn’t take much time, it does take some commitment, and it absolutely works. Doing this consistently will replace feelings of fear with feelings of excitement and possibility. And, that’s the enthusiasm you want to bring to the people you’re talking to.

And, be careful that you don’t make the mistake of thinking that time spent learning about your business and this profession is time you’re investing in building your business. You need to do those things, and know what you’re talking about, and have a certain comfort level with the material, but you need to be talking to people to get things moving and get the money flowing. So, be sure you’re spending time in the activities that make the cash flow.

When you first talk to people, of course you want them to take a look at what you’re doing – and believe me, they will be much more compelled to do that if they catch that you’re excited. Not that you’re making a ton of money, and not that you know all the answers, but that you’re excited. That you’ve found something meaningful and potentially profitable.

Everyone wants to be around the people who are excited about what they’re doing, who are successful and upbeat. Developing your posture is developing your belief – keep it up and you’ll to the point where you’re almost always bulletproof and that will breed more success and more confidence and you will have invested in yourself in a way that will stay with you forever. Once you make the effort, there’s no going back. You stay more confident, focused and capable. And, that’s a great side benefit of committing to excelling at the skills that build this profession.

Remember, no one is perfect AND — this is a cliché, but a very true one, that’s proven out time after time: You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person. People are interested or they’re not. It’s not personal. Stay upbeat, and keep building. After all, all the naysayers aren’t going to pay YOUR bills, are they? 😉