Social Media for Network Marketers

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Network Marketing and Social Media

Network Marketing and Social Media

Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) for your business can really give you an advantage. The thing to keep foremost in your mind and your “posts” is that it’s always about relationships first. You can’t go blasting out there asking people to look at what you’ve got, or to join your team or check out your opportunity.

This is the first in a series of articles that will teach you how to write for social media, how to find your brand, market your brand, BE your brand.

And, to participate successfully in social media, you need to build your brand first. Remember the elevator speech? Stop rolling your eyes, I know…but it’s important…have you taken the time to figure out what is unique about you? What sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do? Could you tell it to me in 20-30 seconds in a way that gives me just enough information so that I want to know more?

Call it your USP if you like (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes you different from everyone else? Even in a business where you do the same thing, or sell the same thing other people do – there IS something that sets you apart. That is unique to you. Maybe it’s your personality, your values, your approach. Do you reach a certain audience? Do you offer something different to people you do business with? Do you have a technique that you can teach/share? A body of knowledge?

Say for example, you’re teaching how to write for social media – do you target a certain audience? My audience is boomers – I’m one, I know how they think and what’s scary and intimidating to people of my generation. I speak their language and that’s why they might choose to work with me. For people significantly younger than I am, or they are, it’s a whole other world. That generation grew up with social media, the internet, computer games – they’re fluent.

We’re not – certainly not most of us – not in the same way. So, that’s a USP – I ‘speak’ social media for boomers. My elevator speech (which in reality is a little broader, but includes): I teach baby boomers how to navigate Facebook to promote their business or their cause. Simple, straightforward and you know immediately whether you’re my target market. If you’re 25, you’re not. If you don’t care about using Facebook, you’re not. If you’re 45 and you wish you knew how to bring in more clients using Facebook – bingo – we’ve got a match.

That’s the focus you want from your elevator speech. First you need to know who you want to reach. In the next article I’ll talk about how.