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Prevent panic, stop feeling stuck, and kick overthinking to the curb. Are you finally ready to feel more confident in your copy and across your business?

Reaching your most ambitious goals takes more than heart—I’ve discovered what gets you from zero to 60k isn’t what gets you to from 60k to 120k.

You gotta step outside

what you’ve done before to get where you’re meant to be

Sharpen your copy and business skills to summit the peak of your true potential. You're right for my Speakeasy community if...

  • You want security.

    Let go of the freelancer cycle of feast or famine—you're ready to become an empowered authority earning consistent income all year long

  • You want to make a name for yourself.

    Lookin' to earn R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Together, we’ll identify your natural strengths so you can double down on what you do best while earning the in-demand reputation you dream about

  • You want to know you're good.

    It's only natural to seek validation around your skills—and not exactly easy to come by a reliable source! Rely on my 30+ years as a copy chief and client whisperer to point out where you shine brightest along with opportunities to evolve your talent

  • You want peace of mind.

    No more stressing about how to handle sticky situations or reframe that email. I'm the expert to answer your copy and client questions before your next deadline

  • You want to get shit done.

    Forget cookie cutter solutions. You're one-of-a-kind and deserve agile expertise that meets you exactly where you are. Need sales call support one week and pricing strategy the next? I got you

  • You want a business that works for you.

    Exhausted by six-figure claims being the ubiquitous bar of whether or not you've made it? I’ll help you determine what you actually want and why. Because happiness looks and feels differently for each of us—whether it’s spending less time behind a desk and more with the people you love, or earning significantly more income. Say so long to comparison-itis and define success on your own terms

Making the right moves with confidence is so much easier... ...when you have reliable access to seasoned copy chief and business strategist (moi) and an encouraging online community of copywriters.

Joining Speakeasy grants you

6 months

of access to:


The expert is in! Every Tuesday is your opportunity to access answers to your burning questions via Slack. You’ll find written and recorded versions of my advice and accessible follow-up threads for easy reference—no matter what timezone you’re in. For example, we’ll cover questions like…

  • “How do I infuse more emotion in my copy?”

  • “A client shared feedback I don't agree with. Now what?”

  • “My pricing changed drastically since the last time I worked with a particular client. How do I communicate my new rates?”

  • “Wrangling feedback from multiple stakeholders is...rough. What’s the best way to prevent this from happening ever again?”

  • “I have a deadline and I'm not sure the copy is any good -- I need a review!?”

MONTHLY: The Insider Conversations

Think big. These 60-minute deep dive Zoom sessions are hosted LIVE and cover anything you want to know. Expect education to go both ways. I’ll teach topical subjects, holding plenty of space for group discussion, while creating opportunities for YOU to share your expertise as well. Plus, glowing stars of the copywriting universe will join us from time to time and you’ll want to soak up all the knowledge in their orbit. 

For example:

  • “What’s the best way to approach pricing?”

  • “I need social proof! How do you request testimonials and reviews?”

  • “My discovery process needs work. How do you structure yours?”

  • “I’m into serving a variety of clients and projects—is there more than one way to niche?”

  • “I'm doing pretty well, but I need to grow and scale. How?”


An uplifting spin on traditional “tear downs”, you’re officially invited inside my brain as I review your work. Reveal HOW and WHY I share specific feedback to not only improve your draft, but ultimately become an exceptional self-editor. Theory paired with practice ensures less second-guessing and more thrilled clients.

Joanna Wiebe

“Amy’s the person I go to when I don’t know what to do.”

Joanna Wiebe


PLUS… Access to 2 online courses I designed and developed to solidify your business skills and give you unshakable confidence:


Position yourself as the go-to expert clients want to hire in your next sales call. In this easy to absorb online course you’ll learn everything you need to confidently master the conversation from developing an expert statement to talking scope and pricing. You’ll never overthink what to say on the line again! Replace anxiety with clear communication and you’ll show prospective clients you’re the confident and capable expert they’re looking for.

“Clear and actionable, No-Sweat Sales Calls squashes awkward overthinking and shares the secret sauce to confidently book the kinda clients you really want.”
Christy Wolff
Christy Copywriting


How do you define better clients? And, once you know who you want to work with, how do you get the attention of those ideal clients? In this go-at-your-own-pace online course (that only takes an hour to complete) you’ll learn to fill (or refill) your client pipeline quickly, build your authority and get off the freelance rollercoaster once and for all. Get Better Clients teaches you how to turn client acquisition into a system, steering you out of the old feast or famine cycle and into consistent work with clients you enjoy.

The community is new, but my experience is not! Here’s what a few people say about working with me:

"Amy is my go-to resource for sticky client issues. She showed me how to frame a 40% rate increase in terms of added value—and it worked."
Andrew Yedlin
"A true mentor, Amy is unbelievably generous with her feedback and insights."
Louise Shanahan
"This course came along at just the right time. I’d been struggling with finding and attracting the clients I wanted to work with and the strategies in Amy’s course were the perfect fit for where I was in my business. In fact, a light bulb moment in “Filling Your Pipeline Fast” helped me cut through the cold email clutter and zero in on clients I’d worked with in a different role in the past. I was able to think about pitching to work with them in a different way. "
Louise Shanahan

Keep us in your back pocket. After the initial 6 months, you can extend your membership.

Seasons ebb and flow.

You can extend it—6 months is only the beginning! Speakeasy is meant to give you the support you need, when you need it.

Imagine, what if you could…

think through what YOU actually want out of your business (and get it!) without the distraction of what other kickass copywriters are doing 

design a structured business plan you’re seriously excited to stick with (you won’t find superficial generic blueprints around here)  and stick with it step-by-step 

snap out of insecure spirals to not only write more confidently, but also count on earning more consistent income 

nail what keeps you up at night, whether it’s pricing your services, leading sales calls, or anything else under the stars 

level up your standard of VIP client care without sacrificing boundaries around your time, talent, and energy 

let go of pursuing the latest shiny object and get real about how you’re positioned to make an impact right now

"When I first started working with Amy my confidence was at zero. I had a huge block around being visible and still didn't feel like I belonged with other copywriters. Now I literally jump out of bed because I'm excited to start the day—that's how awesome it feels to finally figure out exactly what you're meant to do in your business."
Dana Owens
Next Level Copy

Wondering how else we can work together?

Here’s how my other offers compare:

Speakeasy vs. Magnetic North Mastermind


  • Online access to Amy with 6 months of online community copywriting support + discounted 1:1 access should you ever want it

  • 2x/month Copy Build-Ups: my eyes on your copy with constructive feedback you can implement instantly

  • Weekly Office Hours: your chance to ask anything (digitally through Slack or similar platform) with reliable answers on tap

  • Monthly Deep Dives into topics you request from pricing strategy and social proof to a healthy mindset around sales

  • Access to 2 Kickass Courses: No Sweat Sales Calls and Get Better Clients

  • $417 / month for 6 months with the option to book more (view FAQs for more info)

Magnetic North Mastermind

  • Unlimited (and usually very fast) access to Amy within a private Mastermind running from January to June 2022 with a tight community of 12 motivated members

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls with Amy including follow-up on business tasks, copy reviews and accountability check-ins

  • 3 monthly meetings with the cohort and crazy good support from the group on an ongoing basis through Slack and small groups.

  • Quick access to and follow up from Amy via Slack + Whatsapp

  • $6500 for 6 months (pay monthly) with the option to book again with a fresh cohort

Speakeasy vs. On-demand Coaching


  • Access to Amy with 6 months of online community copywriting support

  • 2x/month Copy Build-Ups: my eyes on your copy with constructive feedback you can implement instantly

  • Weekly Office Hours every [specific day of the week]: your chance to ask anything with reliable answers on tap

  • Monthly Deep Dives into topics you request from pricing strategy and social proof to a healthy mindset around sales

  • Access to 2 Kickass Courses: No Sweat Sales Calls and Get Better Clients

  • $2500 for 6 months with monthly payments available (view FAQs for more info)

On-Demand Coaching

  • 1:1 session with Amy. An advance questionnaire brings me up to speed so we spend our time aser focused on solutions (not you bringing me up to speed on your challenge!)

  • Get the confidence that comes from having a successful, seasoned mentor provide feedback

  • An on-demand solution when you’re ready to solve a challenge NOW.

  • Choose your Solution Session: 30 min for $279 or 60 min for $497

  • Pricing includes WhatsApp support for 7 days and a Session Recording with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Just wrap up the Magnetic North Mastermind?

Keep access to Amy! Positive momentum is on your side and Speakeasy offers the perfect balance of support when you need it without committing to the investment of a new 6-month cohort.

"Magnetic North Mastermind changed everything for me. My pipeline is overflowing with clients. It's August and I've already surpassed my income goals for the year!* Now that it's over, Amy's membership is perfect for me because I can pop in to ask her about anything I need, most recently—how do I price this retainer?!"

— Dana Owens, Next Level Copy

"Working with Amy is rewarding and affirming. She has a way of cutting straight to your strengths and things you know you need to be doing in a very gentle and warm way."

— Avi Webb, Copywriter


Speakeasy: Overview

Membership Costs

Other Q’s:

Questions? I want to hear from you.

Share what’s on your mind and I’ll personally respond
to every question with total candor.

Before you move forward with Speakeasy, are we aligned on values?

  • You're willing to work.

    Meaningful transformation demands focused effort. That's why Speakeasy offers a minimum commitment of 6 months for you to experience how your new strategy and direction make an impact on your business and everyday life.

  • You respect humans for who they are.

    We acknowledge what makes us extraordinary around here—including our age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, and background. Embracing our collective individuality empowers us to succeed.

On the same page?


Now for more of what you can expect...

"I can't think of a faster, more efficient, and more supportive way to grow your business than working with Amy."
Elyssa Jakim
Conversion Copywriter
“Having Amy’s eyes on my copy is my secret weapon. She has an uncanny ability to spot exactly what’s needed to improve my work, and she knows exactly how to deliver feedback in a way that’s both encouraging and immensely helpful.

It’s not JUST that having an expert’s eye on your copy gives you added confidence in the delivery of client work. With just two Copy Chiefing sessions under my belt, I see how she’s helped me become a better copywriter. Because now I view my own work the way she does: with a sharp and objective eye on persuasion and language.”
Amy McGlinn
Copywriter & Strategist
Amy is without question a god-send of a client-wrangling-coach, and I don't say that lightly.

Pre-Amy, I was struggling to deal with clients who basically walked all over me, and made me feel defensive. I was getting too hot-headed to respond to them well, and to be honest, I didn't really know how to. Not only did Amy dive right into the client issues with me, to REALLY understand the situation (which alone is way more than I'd experienced from coaches in the past), she SHOWED me exactly how to respond with finesse, class and clarity.

I ended up feeling really GOOD about my responses to these clients, and not at the mercy of their whims. If you do any type of client work, you know how huge this is.

Thanks to Amy I also have a short-list of go-to responses to whip out for different client hesitations or objections. It feels so good to know how to handle clients going forward and in a way that makes me feel like such a boss (because it's not about sucking it up or compromising).
Hannah Shamji
Conversion Copywriter

So, what if you just started?


How might your day-to-day transform?

Don’t wait to design a business (and life!) you love. 

Peace of mind, financial security, and more confident copy is in your future. 

Push uncertainty outta the picture and leap boldly into your next chapter with an experienced ally in your corner. Say yes to taking Speakeasy of your business.

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