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Sometimes you know your goals, but not how to achieve them
You want more visitors, more customers and clients, but what will work best for your needs? Should you be marketing online? Offline? Both? What will your market respond best to? What keeps them awake at night worrying, relative to your offer?

What kinds of pieces will work best and why?
These are the questions I can help you work through. I have a process — and specific questions — that will get us where you need to be. We’ll determine your propositions and promises, the right proof elements, the problems and challenges faced by your audience, and which ones are the most powerful to use for a particular initiative.

The end result will be a hierarchical map that will inform your marketing decisions. No more worry and wonder. You’ll know.

When you need visitors to take specific and certain action, you must employ proven techniques to:

  • Keep them on the page, engaged
  • Understand visitor “triggers” and use them effectively, without manipulation
  • Use the ideal structure to get buy-in, trust and belief
  • Craft calls to action that build trust and motivate action
  • Understand your audience intimately
  • Create message matching to build credibility

Combining proven direct response techniques and best practices in conversion makes a powerful connection with your visitor, compels action and (if it’s what you’re after), can crush your competition.

Clients tell me my ability to strategize and execute is a skillset almost impossible to find in one person.

They have copywriters who can “write to order,” but are unable to advise on (and craft) CTAs, guarantees, upsells, downsells, hooks, offers and big ideas as well as acquisition and retention strategies.

They hire marketers who provide ideas – even great ones – but leave them feeling like they’ve ordered a delicious meal, but never get to taste it.

Do you know that feeling?

It’s like trying to recreate the best restaurant meal you ever had, at home. You buy all the right ingredients, you read the recipe (17 times), you get your mise-en-place all set.

All those hours of shopping, planning, prepping, cooking.

You sit down.

Take the first bite.

It’s not the same.

At. All.


It’s so much better when prepared by an expert who’s spent years perfecting the recipes, refining the hacks, and making the small (elusive-to-the-rest-of-us-mortals) improvements that take the meal from ordinary to memorable, crave-able.

It’s the same here.


I’ve been slicing, dicing and running tests in the copy and strategy kitchen a L O N G time. I know how to make your visitors stop hovering over the mouse – ready to click away…instead they relax their trigger finger, even forget they have somewhere else to be – your message becomes that compelling.

When we work together, you benefit from my proven Persuasion Architecture formula. It’s strategic, it follows best practices, and it flat-out works.

I’ve been crafting winning marketing strategy and executing copy for two decades

I’ll say it boldly: I get results. Check out what my clients say.

Here’s what one of them – Nathan Aune of Patient Recruitment Ads, said:

“How can you, after just a couple brief conversations, articulate my goals, services and culture better than I can after spending ten years working on it? What you’ve created is building trust and creating interest. Exactly what we wanted…. All that to say, “Thanks!” and “You’re good!””

Nathan Aune

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