Write Better Copy – 9 Quick Tips

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1. Don’t write long run-on sentences. Keep paragraphs short and concise. If paragraphs are longer than about 5 lines in a document that’s only a few pages long, create a new paragraphs. Look for where a new idea begins and break there.

2. Use plenty of white space. People are intimidated by dense looking copy. If they see lots of small, dense text, they might not read your piece at all.

3. Use headlines and subheads. People often read the headlines and scan the subheads. If you organize your headlines and subheads to read like a bulleted list, they’ll automatically know if your piece is of interest to them.

4. Use your headline to address the main point you want to convey. Use the subheads to further expound. For example – if your headline is Anyone Can Write Great Copy, your subheads might read:
• 3 Things You Must Include in Every Piece You Write
• How to Use White Space to Get More Readers
• The One Word to Always Avoid

5. Make sure your headline speaks to the readers’ self-interest. Touch on the problem you go on to solve in your copy.

6. Make a list of features and benefits. Turn those into sentences and play with putting them together in different order.

7. Edit like crazy. Read everything over several times and let it sit overnight so you can get perspective. If something pops out each time you read it, get rid of it. Read carefully to see which words don’t serve a purpose. Get rid of them. There are always plenty and you’ll get better and better at finding them.

8. Keep past versions so you can compare with newer versions. Sometimes a blend of the two is the perfect piece.

9. Be confident that your writing will improve. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.