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Kirsty Fanton and I launched something. Poorly.

It feels epically uncomfortable and ridiculously meta. We set up a launch we’d NEVER let a client do. We broke all the rules — and we didn’t hit our numbers.

But we’re not ready to give up yet.

Not because we’re egotistical maniacs who lack objectivity (though our objectivity has been tested!), but because the people who *did* join jumped straight in. (Even with convoluted messaging delivered poorly!)

They jumped in excitedly.

Their intake forms are full of challenges we can’t wait to help them overcome via ideas we’re CHOMPING AT THE BIT to help them implement.

I actually LOVE solving these challenges, it’s why I’m pivoting my career… but that’s another story (and an open loop… 😉 ).


We’re pushing back the start date so we can re-do this launch PROPERLY

(and taking another risk, ‘cause, well… entrepreneurs are a little crazy…)

And in the process, deliver a (hopefully!) great learning opportunity about:

  • How to roll with the punches
  • How to launch — well!
  • How to take something that’s not working and make it much, much better (and make it work – we discovered through this experience that neither of us back down from a challenge)

And, we’re turning this into a “watch how we fix this”

as we do a launch in the style that has made Kirsty a sought-after launch expert.

Here’s how:

We’re sending our own individual emails throughout the launch, so you can get a feel for how Kirsty and I approach things differently and experience the magic in that mix.

So if you want a front-row seat to this whole experience (regardless of what you know or how you feel about the offer), sign up right here to get Kirsty’s emails, and below to get mine.

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