Your Brand is Your Promise

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I had the privilege of attending the Seattle Women Presidents Organization evening with Dr. Neeli Bendapudi, co-sponsored by American Express OPEN Forum Program. Dr. Bendapudi is engaging and funny and just plain smart and practical.

I love when people are passionate about their topic – they’d be happy to stay and talk about it all night and they have ready answers and top-of-the-mind cases studies they can use for examples. She was a kick and I learned a ton.

Here are some quick high points. Dr. Bendapudi spoke about branding and emphasized that your brand is a living entity. It’s the experience your customers and clients have when they interact with you, the people your employ, anyone that represents your company in any way. Bottom line: your brand is a promise. It’s something that you need to work on constantly. A brand isn’t an idea you create and call it good. You have to live up to the promise your brand makes. Every day; with every interaction.

Consumers have a certain experience of your company and they expect to have that experience consistently, time and again. When you’ve done your branding right, your brand occupies a place in your consumers mind (arguably the most valuable business real estate in existence). Ask yourself every day what you’ve done to build your brand – remember – it’s a dynamic entity, just like your company is. If you’re not building your brand, you’re remaining static. Know what defines your brand and be ‘about it’ in everything you and everyone associated with your company does and says.