Your MLM Business – Seven easy ways to improve it (and you)

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Realize Your Dreams...

Realize Your Dreams...

This is meant to be short and to the point. And part of the point is that the actions we need to take are often simple, easier than we think. We sometimes spend more time thinking about what it is we need to do than we do getting that thing done. Implement ANYTHING on this list and you’ll get results, and quickly. Implement them all if you can, or if you will (!)  YES, they are simple, but they’re powerful …

  1. Ask yourself: What is the ONE thing that IF you did it would bring you more business, but you’ve been avoiding thinking about and doing.
  2. Be honest with yourself about what you’re not doing that you could be doing and make ONE change. Just do ONE thing differently.
  3. Find one time slot every week that you can dedicate to furthering your business. What one thing could you give up that would give you 60-90 minutes of focused time? A TV show? Time spent commenting on Facebook? Reading irrelevant email? Commit to that being a business building window of time and do it for 21 days. Sounds dead simple, but it could revolutionize your business and your income.
  4. Build a dream board. Give yourself permission to think about why you are building your business. What will the money do for you? Are you longing for a vacation? Where? Cut out pictures and put them on your dream board. Use words, images, things that make you feel the place you want to go. Are you envisioning new clothes? A better car? Put pictures of them on your dream board and put it where you can see it. Every Day. Our mind processes images much more quickly than words – they put us in a feeling state instead of a thinking (read: judgmental/analytical) state and our mind buys into that feeling. With words, we come up with all the “yeah, but….” statements that don’t help us.
  5. Spend TWO- THREE minutes before you work on your business to visualize exactly the outcome you want. Maybe you already have some kind of practice where you’re used to doing this. Maybe it’s totally foreign. Look at your dream board if that helps. It may sound crazy; you think 2-3 minutes won’t make the difference. It will make a huge difference. Will you commit to trying it for a week? Even if you think it’s crazy? Be open-minded and see what happens.
  6. Make ONE – Just ONE call you’ve been putting off.
  7. If you’re feeling motivated and in a good frame of mind, share that with one other person. Call them and tell them you were thinking about them and how you admire: and tell them two things you genuinely admire. If you’re feeling uncertain, find someone who believes in you (that you’re working with) and ask them to share 2 great qualities they see in you. Make yourself ask, even if you don’t feel like it, or you feel shy. The point is to get out of your comfort zone.