To make an immediate and lasting impact on your business, I want to help you develop the skills to attract and land better clients. 

That’s why I created Breakthrough Clients. 

It’s a free course where I share the five key business skills I teach my private coaching clients. Here are a few things you’ll have in your back pocket…

  1. Get strategically clear on your ideal clients, so they are easier to find, engage with and, eventually, work with. You’ll get my personal list of ideal-client profiling questions and I share a discovery exercise I do with my private coaching clients.

  2. The Red Flags that instantly disqualify bad-fit leads, so you only end up working with high-quality clients who respect you – and what you do. If you took nothing else from this course, this list will make your life so much easier and your client work so much more enjoyable.

  3. The key to successful lead generation is following a proven process. One that is clearly laid out and repeatable once you’ve dialed in your system. That’s what you’ll learn here.

  4. Hate sales, the thought of sales, the very word? Ha! You’re in excellent company. I can’t tell you how many super successful freelancers hate to sell. Their solution? They let their marketing pre-sell them before they even meet with the client. 

  5. How to run an on-rails Sales/Discovery Call that establishes you as the go-to expert your client has been looking for. You’ll get my 7-step Discovery Call crib sheet with this one.

All of this will be delivered to you via five emails over five days.

As long as your business is client-based, your success – and your bank account – will be tied directly to the quality of clients you attract.

Gin walker  

"I paid a HEAP of money to have Amy as my Business Coach because I knew working with her would basically make it rain in my own biz. And I wasn't bloody wrong! The thing is, Amy has this incredible knack for spotting what you're missing in your whole business set-up, and showing you how to seamlessly fix the gaps."

Heather Dileepan

"Amy is a natural teacher and a gifted coach, and watching her course was like having coffee with a friend. She doesn’t waste words on content that isn’t 100% relevant to improving your ability to conduct an effective sales call, and as a result, there is a ton of value packed into this short course"

Diane Wiredu

" Went from slogging through, to driving calls and actually enjoying them!
My business has evolved and grown, but I never stray from the 7 steps laid out in Breakthrough Sales Calls. Amy’s roadmap has supported me through every version of my business and helped me close $5K and $20K projects — without breaking a sweat."

What freelancers I’ve coached and who’ve taken my courses say…

Whether you want a three-day-a-week solo business or to build a top-flight agency, you will prosper far more if you develop core business skills. 

I’d go as far as to say not developing your business skills is like tying your laces together right before you start a race.

I know developing business skills might seem daunting or even flat-out unappealing. After all, you probably didn’t start out as a professional creative with the ambition of being a business person. 

But if you don’t develop those skills, you will be underpaid and overworked. Forever.

The good news is, the skills you need to know can be narrowed to just two areas…

Constantly developing the best offers for your clients, so you remain relevant and needed. These are the skills of Innovation.

Attracting the best leads and converting them into ideal clients. This is the skill of Marketing – or as you and I know it in real life, getting clients.

Breakthrough Clients

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These are the first set of skills I focus on with nearly all my new coaching clients and now I’m going to help you acquire them for free.

Because that’s what Breakthrough Clients is all about…