And so you know I can walk the walk…

Are you ready for clients who bring you interesting projects and higher fees? A bank balance that means you don’t have to worry about what happens in the next 12 months?  

Then know this…

Getting there isn’t luck. It’s the result of deliberate steps that follow well-proven paths to success.  

I know those steps and I know those paths, and I’m going to show you both, starting today.

As long as your business is client-based, your success – and the size of your bank account – is tied directly to the quality of clients you attract.

Hi, I’m Amy Posner…

  • I’ve coached hundreds of creative freelancers to success
  • I’ve built six businesses, all highly profitable
  • I’ve owned and run a micro and a full creative agency
  • As a freelancer, I’ve had multiple $200k+ years
  • My businesses have withstood the worst economic shocks the last 30 years could throw at them

And now I’m going to share everything I know with you about building a resilient and rewarding business that delivers on the full promise of your talent.

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This free course will elevate your client experience, so you can deliver what the best clients want. From effective communication to service delivery, we'll ensure you provide a seamless experience that keeps your clients coming back.

Breakthrough Clients — Transform Your Client Experience & Boost Your Business

Every single thing you need to build a custom-tailored business that rewards you financially and ensures your future – on your schedule and timeline. It's also your forever-reference library for (nearly) every business challenge you run across and tactic and strategy you need to scale.

Bulletproof your business with my Complete Breakthrough Freelancer

Immediate ways I can help you gain clarity and confidence 

Take it from me.

There’s a look that she gets in her eyes. (That's the first thing.) Then she'll raise a finger. And then she'll rest her chin in her hand. And that's your cue to lean in and to listen up.

Because she's about to drop some wisdom that just may change everything for you and your business. The way she sees is extraordinary. Her depth of experience is legendary. But it's her desire on behalf of you and your business that's breathtaking.

I don't make a move in my business until I've had Amy's all-seeing eyes on it.

If you're lucky enough to get to work with Amy Posner...buckle up. You're in for a ride. 

"I don't make a move in my business until I've had Amy's all-seeing eyes on it."

Leadership and Executive Coach, TEDx Women Speaker, Amy Posner Fan

Tanya Geisler

And that means landing clients. But not just any clients…

Breakthrough clients!

These are the clients who will fully empower you to do great work.

These are the clients who will happily pay you well for the amazing value you deliver.

And the work you do for these clients is what will allow you to make your mark and establish your reputation.

All it takes is one client, the right client to completely change your entire business and your future.

Let me show you how to get them!

Your success starts and ends with this…

You have the talent. And you are more than ready to do the work. 

What you need now more than anything are those breakthrough opportunities to truly shine and make a name for yourself.

Gin walker  

"I paid a HEAP of money to have Amy as my Business Coach because I knew working with her would basically make it rain in my own biz. And I wasn't bloody wrong! The thing is, Amy has this incredible knack for spotting what you're missing in your whole business set-up, and showing you how to seamlessly fix the gaps."

Avi Webb

"You'll only realize the full value of working with Amy when she holds up the mirror to you so you can see your strengths and fears in honest, encouraging and actionable ways. She is a sage. A genuine sage. There is no one out there like her."

Chris Collins

My business was going through a period of rapid growth but I still felt like my skills were lacking. While working with Amy, I’ve pivoted my business and started taking on projects that I’m really excited to work on. I’ve taken control of my finances and hit major income goals. And I’ve started designing my business to fit into my life, instead of squeezing in my life around my business."

What freelancers I’ve coached and who’ve taken my courses say…

"Amy! Your newsletter is the only one I currently read from beginning to end every week"
— Brandy Wells

"Amy has a way of thinking and communicating that is vastly different from other marketers and business coaches. Her advice is practical, actionable, and doable. I receive dozens upon dozens of newsletters each week and Amy's is the only one I read every. single. time. I'm Frodo. Amy's Gandalf."
— Sandra Beatty

When you are ready for your next level of growth, here are the ways I can help you. These are the courses and services I recommend to creative freelancers who are looking to level up to high-five or six-figures. 

Swap feast and famine for financial security with a business designed for your goals

Whether you decide to sign up for Breakthrough Clients and The Breakthrough Beat is up to you. But whatever you do, commit to turning up every day in your business to make decisions and take action. Relentlessly.

Your future self will be profoundly grateful.

Hopefully, one of your decisions will be to join me and sign up for the Breakthrough Beat.

If you do, I’ll be 100% in your corner for as long as you need me.

I can tell very quickly once I get on a call with a freelancer if they have what it takes. 

It’s not smarts or raw talent. Plenty of broke people have both.  

And it’s not people skills.

Those are skills and you can learn them.

And it’s not even your business knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired.

The thing that matters most is this: Do you turn up every day and take the actions that matter?

What it really takes to build an awesome freelance business