“It’ll probably be enough to say that Amy has grown agencies to the point of getting them acquired and just stop there. Because selling your agency is kind of major.

So that may be enough to prove that Amy knows her stuff when it comes to growing your freelance business.

However, if that is not enough and you are practically keen to hear how Amy helps people JUST LIKE YOU grow their business, allow me to illustrate her expertise: she has coached 200+ entrepreneurs in our premium membership community to the point that the vast majority of them have doubled their revenue, tripled their revenue, quadrupled their waitlist – the list goes on. 

But if that STILL is not enough, here’s this: Amy is one of the most down-to-earth, likable and good-natured people you will ever meet. And I would trust her with every secret, every ambition, every loss and every hope I have. She’s the best.”

"Amy's the person I go to when I don't know what to do."

Founder, Copyhackers

Joanna Weibe

The Hard Part is Over

How well you do as a freelancer depends on two things: your craft and your ability to run your business.

Because learning to run a profitable business has its challenges. You know the moments…

You see your peers making progress and posting wins but you feel like you’re chasing your tail. You’re all over the map on pricing, afraid you’re charging too little (you probably are) but have no idea what a pricing strategy even looks like.

You’re attracting heartbreak, nickel-and-dime clients who treat you like a commodity and not the expert you are. 

But no matter how big your challenges seem, or how far away you feel from being in control, all of this is fixable. Sometimes with the smallest of adjustments to how you think and what you do. And that can come from expert eyes with an outside perspective.
Because every client problem, every money problem, every strategy problem you have or could possibly have, has already been solved. The hardest work’s been done for you and the path ahead has been cleared.

You just need to know who to ask.

(That’s the reason why so many talented creatives stay in-house earning far less than people of lesser talent who went out on their own.) 

I’ve been where you are and I know the challenges. But I also know what’s waiting for you once you make it. 

Running a successful business is ridiculously satisfying. I’ve run/bought/sold five businesses over three decades and before that I worked in our family business from the time I was old enough to talk my parents into letting to me tag along. 

I learned a ton over the years, and a lot of it was hard-won. Some of my knowledge came from my dad’s coaching and talk around the dinner table, some from trial and error in later years, but at this point, I feel I can safely accept the title Client Whisperer (people keep using it, and I like it, but I had to grow into it).

Today I work with ambitious freelancers in the Creative space. Designers, copywriters, typographers, course creators, brand specialists, photographers, marketers and anyone who makes a living creatively online. 

And if I had to describe in one word the greatest value I deliver, that word would be clarity. But let’s be a little more specific on exactly what I can help you with once you book your session…

I’ve been where you are and I know the challenges. But I also know what’s waiting for you once you make it.

A Clear Path Forward

"When I booked my first coaching session with Amy I was feeling very, very stuck.  I knew all the theory about getting clients, knew I could do the work, but I couldn’t put the pieces together. Hiring Amy felt like my last resort.

I booked a session and crossed my fingers. By the time it was over, everything had changed. It was (and I know how clichéd this sounds) like a huge weight had been lifted. In Amy’s own words, she saw what was mine to do. 

She had the insight and empathy to see what came next for my business and the experience and expertise to put that into a plan of action.

In practical terms, I booked my first client shortly after for $6k+ and a month later my second for $16k+. 

But the real value was how Amy gave me the confidence and clarity to fully run with my business and trust in myself. And she helped me make consistently better decisions and grow as a business person. I came to Amy looking for help getting clients. What she gave me was the skills and mindset to be a successful business owner

If you take the opportunity to work with her, I’m sure you’ll discover what hundreds of her coaching clients already know: Amy is an unfailing kind, empathetic, generous and brilliant coach.

Full disclaimer: I now work with Amy as her copywriter and marketing consultant. And Amy is still, thankfully, my coach 🙂"

“The most profitable decision I’ve made”

Client-Creation Marketing

Paul Melrose

“No one has helped me get out of more sticky client situations than Amy. No matter what I get myself into, she helps me come up with a way out.

Freelance Copywriter

Andrew Yedlin




Bring your questions and concerns, and an open mind. The more open you’re willing to be about your challenges, the more likely we are to find practical solutions you’ll feel good about.

Show up ready

When you sign up, you’ll answer some detailed questions so I can prepare for our time together BEFORE we meet. (I jump in ready from minute one, and you get the most out of the session – no need to spend part of your time bringing me up to speed.)

Tell me more

Choose the day and time that works for you from open time slots. (If nothing on my calendar works for you, contact me and we’ll figure out a time.)

Book your session

How it Works

Booking Your Coaching on Demand Session

I'm ready to book my session  →

  1. Pick a 30 or 60-minute session below (30 minutes is great for quick solutions. 60 minutes is perfect for a deeper dive)
  2. Chose a date and time that works for you
  3. Use my secure checkout
  4. You’ll be prompted to answer some questions so we can hit the ground running


It couldn’t be simpler! We’ll meet using ZOOM and you’ll get a full recording of our session. 

PLUS, you get WhatsApp support so you can ask me any session-related questions after we meet.

We can cover topics like...

  • How do I raise my rates with confidence?
  • How should I price this project for maximum value?
  • How do I deal with this difficult client situation?
  • Can you review and help optimize my website and other copy?
  • Is my proposal optimized for scope and strong enough to land the prospect?
  • Should I accept a retainer offer (and on what terms)?
  • Am I doing X wrong?


60-Minute Solution Session


30-Minute Solution Session

Price includes:

  • WhatsApp support for seven days
  • Session recording
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Get immediately actionable answers to specific problems and questions

Make a real impact on your business growth with my deep-dive strategy session 

My 100% risk-free, satisfaction-guarantee

Hiring a coach is a big decision. That’s why I’m more than happy to offer my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee… 

If you don’t see the value? Don’t feel we’re a good fit? Let me know and I’ll promptly refund you. 

No one coach is right for everyone; if I’m not the one for you, I’ll give your money back so you can find the right person to help you.

Direct-Response Copywriter

Jeff Kimes

“I just signed a single contract that DOUBLED my yearly income… I would not be in a position to either land or negotiate a contract like this without Amy’s extensive coaching and advice.”

Story-Driven Marketer

Elyssa Jakim

“It’s hard to believe the level of value Amy delivers in 30 minutes… After our call, huge shifts happened by implementing Amy’s suggestions that resulted in HUGE WINS for my business.”

Freelance Copywriter

Avi Webb

“You’ll only realize the full value of working with Amy when she holds up the mirror to you so you can see your strengths and fears in honest, encouraging and actionable ways. She is a sage. A genuine sage. There is no one out there like her.”

Content design and UX Specialist

Amy Lipner

“Amy is truly a masterclass coach and every hour spent in her (virtual) presence is like 30 hours sweating it out alone in front of your computer.”

Medical Copywriter

Louise Shanahan

“Amy’s pitching pep talk helped me land a new monthly retainer client within my first month.”