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Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach

“There is something remarkable about people with the ambition to build a business. Who turn up every day and do the work. You are my people. I stand for you.”

“There is something remarkable about people with the ambition to build a business. Who turn up every day and do the work. You are my people. I stand for you.”

Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach
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Your Business Growth Mentor

I’m never going to be the person you turn to for creative advice. 

I’m a professional creative, for sure (copywriting), but teaching creativity is not my sweet spot – I’ll leave it to other experts. 

My value to you lies elsewhere

I’m here to help you develop practical business skills — like finding and onboarding ideal clients, refining your offer(s) and becoming an expert in your specialty or niche. 

In other words, developing your Entrepreneurial Intelligence.

There are two ways I can help you do that…

First, to help you change how you see yourself as a freelancer.

How you see yourself is critically important. 

Shifting your perspective about your own skills and possibilities lets you earn more doing the work that matters most to you. 

This is more than mindset work. It is a fundamental shift in how you understand yourself and your potential future.

Second, I can help you acquire the skills and practical knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

These two things will transform how you attract top-tier prospects, how you convert them into clients, how you position yourself as a go-to expert, how you offer a superior service for premium pricing and how you run a business that prioritizes your financial, creative and life needs.

Everything you need to start that journey is right here on this site.

And if you are wondering why it’s all free? Pretty simple. 

My business model is based on demonstrating exceptional value so you can decide at a later stage if my premium services are for you.

I recommend you start with these two resources… 

Three Types of Freelancers and The Gap. Then sign up for Breakthrough Clients (free enrollment).

If you’d like to ask me a question, I’m easy to access – hit me up by email or on LinkedIn, where I spend time most weekdays.

Now, in case you’re wondering who I am to promise you all this…– 

From Agency Owner to Freelance Growth Specialist

Because you are on my About page, you probably want to know a little more about me, right? Happy to share 🙂

Here’s a list of a few things I’ve done/do that might be relevant to you as a digital creative. It will also give you a good idea of what I’ve helped others like you achieve.

  1. I’ve got thirty years of experience building six businesses, five of which are still running successfully. For context, 45% of businesses fail in the first five years, so, those are solid results. In other words, I know how to start and run a successful business.
  2. I’ve built two successful agencies. A design agency in Manhattan (which we sold) and a marketing agency outside Seattle (which I still run). I’ve spent my professional life surrounded by designers, graphic artists, typographers and writers and have coached many of them to similar heights.
  3. My current coaching clients are freelancers who earn between $60,000 and $400,000 per year and I’ve helped many of them double their income. All of these results came from helping them develop practical business skills and Entrepreneurial Intelligence.
  4. I’ve also helped freelancers who wanted to move in-house negotiate $250,000+ contracts. Because going in-house is sometimes the right move.
  5. While I was freelancing as a copywriter and marketing strategist, my average first project was $8,500 and my close rate was over 90%. Closing is just one of the skills I can teach you when you enroll in Breakthrough Clients (free).
  6. In the ’90s, I started built a sales organization of a 2,000+ people in the telecom industry. My personal earnings per month averaged close to $30,000/month. This is where I first built my chops as a mentor and business coach. My next business was as a partner in a coaching company.
  7. I’ve always built businesses that serve me. We sold that Manhattan agency, and I sold almost everything I owned (I still regret all the books I sold) — to become a live-aboard and sail the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. for 18 months. Because that’s what was important to me at the time. Another time I took a break and lived in Guatemala for a few months while I sorted out my next moves. I encourage you to build a business that gives you the same life options.

These days I run a coaching and mentoring business for digital creatives and copywriting freelancers. And, I speak and teach on the business building tactics and strategies I offer in Complete Breakthrough Freelancer, my soup-to-nuts business building course and forever-reference library.

I also (periodically) run a premium mastermind and offer one-to-one coaching, but you’ll find all my best ideas right here on this site. Because if you’re willing to do the work, I’m willing to share.

Why I do it…

It has to be for something, right? You need intent.

For you that might be your craft, who you work with, or the work/life balance. Probably all three once you realize those are your choices to make.

For me, it’s about helping people like you create a great business on your terms, whether that’s a healthy six-figure solo enterprise or a seven-figure micro agency.

It’s like the old Zig Ziglar quote “you can get everything you want out of life if you help others get what they want first”. 

He’s also famous for saying “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

It’s not only great advice, it’s also an incredibly insightful way to see your business.

But for me, it also represents something much deeper…

It’s too easy to throw our hands in the air and despair at the cynicism we see around us, but we always have a choice. 

And the choice I make is to invest in a world where the math of generosity and creativity is 1+1=10.

That means I’m investing in you as a creative and as a person who has the power to transform our world for the better. 

And if my math is right, I’ll see ample rewards down the line.

Who I am for…

I’m definitely not for everyone (nor should you be).

There are three reasons for that…

One, I need to like my clients and I need to believe in what they do. Digital creatives tick that box. I’ve made a very fine living as a writer and I’ve worked with enough creatives to know these are my people.

The second reason is more practical…

I know the business world of digital creatives. I know how it works, where the money is, what good clients are looking for, what bad clients take advantage of, and, above all, I know how to help you build a successful business there.

The third reason is about values…

I work with people who are open to difference, curious about change, who embrace the new and respect what they don’t yet understand. If you identify with that, then I am most definitely for you.

How I do it…

One word captures the answer to How?


Yes, running a business is about building core skills, gaining knowledge and insights. But at the center of all of this is you. 

If your business is weak, then you are the weakest link. If it is strong, then you are the strongest link. You are the necessary and essential center.

And that’s my real work, to help you transform from a sell-your-hours freelancer into a true business owner. 

Not just in name, but in how you see the world. 

I’ll go even further. My ultimate goal is to transform you into an Entrepreneurial Freelancer.

If that is something you are curious about or would like to learn more about, then I invite you to explore the resources below…

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