I’m an Online Marketing Strategist &
Conversion-Focused Direct Response Copywriter

I use a proven Persuasion Architecture to craft:

Intense Focus. Big Ideas. A Sense of Humor

When I’m on your project, I’m easy to reach and accessible. You’ll never have to wait and wonder. I’m about what you need and the results that drive your bottom line; NOT my ego. I make changes quickly, and I have a process for tapping into what you know and what you need.

I have a knack for quickly understanding your business and your value propositions and can build funnels and  craft copy that will cause you to say what David Alger did about a complex video course and the marketing collateral I created for him: “Amy meets deadlines and overdelivers on value. The quality of her work will surpass your best expectations.”

The Right Voice for YOUR Company

I write in the voice that represents you and your brand. My unique strong suit is being able to quickly read people and understand businesses, business propositions and Unique Selling Propositions. I can easily adapt to the style and voice that speaks to your audience and I’m very adept at doing research to find out exactly what that voice should be – if it’s not already crystal clear to you.

Obsessively Up-To-Date

Not only do I read widely, I stay current on best practices off and online. I’m a Copy Hackers Certified Conversion Copywriter and a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter in Information Marketing. I’m a coach in the Copy Hackers 10X Freelance Copywriter and MasterMinds, and I’m an obsessive student of human behavior. Compelling people to take action requires an understanding of how we make decisions and why. My background in sales helps me write copy that motivates interest and results in decision making.

I’m an obsessive reader – including other copywriters’ work. I’ve probably read every ad in the New York Times Magazine that’s been written in the last 30 years. I know, it’s a bit odd, but believe me, it pays off for you!

My Background

My skill is born of experience. I’ve been a business owner for nearly three decades. My first business was a partnership in a computer consulting company in NYC – still a thriving company today. I was a long-time partner in another NYC marketing firm and ran the National Copywriting Center for many years. I’ve delivered sales and marketing training on three continents, to audiences of dozens, hundreds and on several occasions, to many thousands.

I’ve taught Direct Response Copywriting at the San Francisco School of Copywriting and have written and successfully promoted online courses for a variety of markets.

As a business coach, I’ve mentored entrepreneurs and small business owners from a broad range of backgrounds across many industries.

After graduating with honors from Boston University, and having been accepted by nine law schools – a few of them prestigious – I walked away just days before I was to begin. I wanted to follow my own path and it’s been a varied and interesting one. In addition to owning, buying and selling several businesses, I’ve traveled extensively, and speak French and passable Spanish (when I practice).

I’m an insatiable reader, play passable guitar and love great food, wine and conversation, most of all, I love to laugh, and have been known to come completely unglued when I get tickled by something (and I admit, it’s usually something obscure or idiotic…).

I’ve always volunteered my time to important (to me) causes. Most recently — as part of a two-person team (of a large local organization) facilitating a weekly pizza lunch for LGBTQ and other at-risk kids at a local high school. And probably the most personally impactful was…

Volunteering as an AIDS Buddy for five years at the onset of the AIDS crisis. I learned a helluva lot about compassion, cruelty and human nature, and that experience ranks high among the most meaningful things I’ve ever done.

Fun Factoids:

Based in Olympia, WA; I’m an ‘east coast transplant’ from NYC and Boston. I’ve lived in Aix-en-Provence, France; Antigua, Guatemala; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Montreal, Canada and have traveled extensively in other countries. I’ve been a live-aboard sailor at anchor and voyaging the Intercoastal Waterway.

When my mom can’t sleep at night, she counts all the places I’ve lived – she tells me she never gets through them all before falling asleep.

Want more details or a quote on a project? Let’s talk.

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