Copywriters: Which of these keeps YOU up at 3:14am?
(Melatonin anyone?)

What if you could get the clarity you need... the moment you need it?

Copywriters: Which of these keeps YOU up at 3:14am?
(Melatonin, anyone?)

What if you could get the clarity you need... the moment you need it?

...from a seasoned copy chief and client whisperer who's been running a six-figure business for decades

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You know these moments

You’re running a business, but you feel like you’re chasing your tail — especially on the business (skills) side.

Maybe you have a dream client you want to land, but you have NO IDEA how to price the project, or increase your chance of winning it…

And you’re worried whether or not you can handle more work. How many projects should you take on at once? Sure, you need more $, but you currently have less hours available to give #thankyoucovid.

How are you supposed to grow your business like all the “successful” copywriters when you’re barely keeping up with your current client work and your never mind kids, pets, household chores and self-care (remember that)? What’s the secret?

(*ahem* not to mention your stress levels are at an all-time high from all the BREAKING NEWS reports you’re alternately reading and avoiding — yeah, the world is kind of a mess).

Oh, and when your emotions get ratcheted up, WATCH OUT! The garbage going through your mind is ridiculous (and flat out cruel). You can’t afford the mental energy that takes.

You need perspective.

This is when it’s time for help. You’re tied up in knots you can’t untangle yourself.

Especially when you’re not sure what your problem is. You know what’s NOT happening, but you don’t necessarily know what needs to change…

Get the exact input and strategy you need, right this minute. 


"Amy is truly a masterclass coach, and every hour spent in her (virtual) presence is like 30 hours sweating it out alone in front of your computer."

Amy Lipner

Though she is certainly one of the most talented copywriters I know, what drew me to Amy wasn’t her knack for writing copy. It was her wealth of experience and warm demeanor.

What I loved about working with Amy as a coach is how she can quickly flip between constructive feedback and tactical strategies and tie it all up in a nice neat bow of dealing with the stickiest of client situations.

If you’re looking to improve your craft and feel more CONFIDENT in your copy, working with Amy is the way to go. I cannot recommend her enough.

AMY LIPNER // San Francisco, CA

I’ll give you 30+ years of shortcuts so you can get decades worth of wins, only

To succeed in 2020 as a copywriter you need two distinct sets of skills:
copy chops + business know-how.

It’s cliche, but it’s true. You could be a rock star copywriter, but if you struggle to show up with confidence (or show up AT ALL!), you won’t earn commensurate with your ability. 

Likewise, you could be a mediocre copywriter who understands what clients are looking for and land projects A-listers would salivate over.

Having business skills –  and simple processes for winning projects — allows you to waayyy more easily set your own course and feel in control of your business. 

After working with hundreds and hundreds of copywriters, I’ve discovered there are 6 areas copywriters need proficiency in: 

  1. Pricing
  2. Niching
  3. Prospecting
  4. Sales Calls
  5. Proposals
  6. Client Wrangling

And those skills are more intertwined than you might imagine. They all carry weight. When you’re not getting the outcomes you’re after, you might think it’s about your copy skills, or your prices.

It could be your proposals or your value props, or how you’re demonstrating (or totally overlooking) your expertise.  

Or… any one of a million other things we obsess about.

When you sit down with me, you’ll go from feeling frozen and confused to finally feeling clear and ready to take action.

Clarity makes all the difference. 

You might show up wondering why you’re not landing projects.
Could be your sales calls aren’t structured to establish your expertise, or you’re not asking the ‘right’ questions.

Maybe the calls are going well, but things fall apart at the proposal stage. Could be it wasn’t structured correctly — or it wasn’t enticing enough. Proposals (scopes of work, statements of work) are a lot of work – you don’t want to invest hours, over and over, writing proposals (statements or scope of work)that don’t get accepted

Instead, include the key elements that do the heavy lifting for you and make clients rush to sign off and get started.

I know the right questions to ask to determine what will bring your business back into balance or get it there for the first time

Like I did for Jen Baxter, when she came to me on a Tuesday about a client onboarding call she was running on Wednesday. Jen said:

“I come to you with a jumbled mess, and you help me sort it out so I know the next thing to do, and how to do it. CLARITY. You give me clarity.”

The next day she said: 

Your strategy — and my execution — of positioning myself as an expert went really well.”

I knew how Jen should show up, and what questions she should ask. And, there’s follow-up by text, so she got to ask me several more rounds of questions. She felt confident onboarding a complex project that’s new to her. 

By starting it right, and establishing how the project will be run and asking the questions now – instead of wishing she had asked them – or knew to ask them, earlier on. Setting parameters at the beginning will make it a better relationship with better outcomes for everyone.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years.
I know what they think + what they’re looking for.
I can help you position yourself for profitable projects.

Not only can I see your blindspots (we all have them, me included), I know what clients want.

I ran the National Copywriting Center in the 1990’s (kind of a matchmaking service for clients and copywriters). I currently recommend copywriters to a group of clients I work with. That means…

I hear all the dirt — from both sides of the table. 

So, I know how to help you get positioned to have the business YOU WANT. And, ya know…

There are moments in your business when you need to pivot

You might have all kinds of possibilities and opportunities, but you need clarity on your next steps. Which is the best move for your current and long-term goals? When is it time to say no?

Could be you have a client issue or pricing question you need to bat around and figure out. Or you need a sounding board, someone who’s been there and who you can trust to keep your confidence (I’m a vault).

You can learn by  trial and error but it’s time consuming, and can be demoralizing.

Instead of guessing and hoping for the best…

Or cobbling together ideas and information you’re really not sure about…

There is a better option —

Book a Coaching on Demand Session

You don’t need a long-term commitment to get help with a problem the right person could help you solve in minutes.


Book your session. Choose the day and time that works for you from open time slots. (If nothing on my calendar works for you, contact me and we'll figure out a time.)


Tell me more. When you sign up, you’ll answer some detailed questions so I can prepare for our time together BEFORE we meet. (I jump in ready from minute one, and you get the most out of the session - no need to spend part of your time bringing me up to speed.)


Show up ready. Bring your questions and concerns, and an open mind. The more open you're willing to be about your challenges, the more likely we are to find practical solutions you'll feel good about.s

"Amy's the person I go to when I don't know what to do."

Joanna Wiebe

It’ll probably be enough to say that Amy has grown agencies to the point of getting them acquired and just stop there. Because selling your agency is kinduv major. So that may be enough to prove that Amy knows her stuff when it comes to growing your freelance copywriting business.

However, if that is not enough and you are particularly keen to hear how Amy helps people JUST LIKE YOU grow their businesses, allow me to illustrate her expertise: she has coached 200+ entrepreneurs in our premium membership community to the point that the vast majority of them have doubled their revenue, tripled their revenue, quadrupled their waitlist – the list goes on.

But if that’s STILL not enough, here’s this: Amy is one of the most down-to-earth, likeable and good-natured people you will ever meet. And I would trust her with every secret, every ambition, every loss and every hope I have. She’s the best.

JOANNA WIEBE // Copyhackers

How it Works

Copywriter Coaching on Demand sessions give you the help you need, when you need it, the way you need it

Private & Confidential

Speak openly knowing that no one else will know what you're struggling with - sometimes you need to sort out your business in private. I'm a vault. You can count on confidentiality and kindness.

Personalized & Targeted

Get advice and solutions that are directly applicable to your specific business and skill challenges -- not generic recommendations that don't apply to your situation. Not only can you count on confidentiality and for me to give it to you straight, but nicely (think of me as the velvet hammer).
We all need outside perspective. It’s why top athletes employ coaches - they’re at the top of their game, but they can’t see themselves from an outside perspective.
And, I’ve coached some of the best: Kira Hug, Val Geisler, Samar Owais, Andrew Yedlin, Matt Hall, Kirsty Fanton just to name a few.

Fast & Focused

Get right to the point and get answers quickly - instead of hunting for info in a group or sifting through a mountain of course materials. You’ll get the specific input and answers you need right now -- tailored to you -- exactly.

Results & ROI-Driven

Everything we work on can be applied to every project and client situation in the future. You’ll deliver better results for your clients, which builds your confidence and your income, which gets better results, and grows your confidence -- it’s a nice upward spiral.

Book a Copywriter Coaching on Demand session with copy chief and mentor Amy Posner

"I just signed a single contract that DOUBLED my yearly income... I would not be in a position to either land or negotiate a contract like this without Amy's extensive coaching and advice"

It took a professional outside perspective, someone who could see my own “zone of genius” and help me refine that into a legit copywriting business free from imposter syndrome that I will grow with for years to come. If you’re ready to take your freelance copywriting business to the next level, don’t just sit there waiting for it to happen. Self-education only takes you so far. You need a pro who can see what you can’t and will help you create the freelance business that is right for YOU. Amy is incredible at this and I cannot recommend her enough.

“I a working with clients that inspire me, businesses so perfectly aligned to me and who I am – I couldn’t even imagine opportunities like tmhis existed a year ago”

JEFF KIMES // Seattle, WA

If we haven't met yet...


I help growth-focused copywriters who want to go from where you are now to where you want to be, whether you’re after multiple 6-figures, refining your process, making a pivot, finding more time and regaining your sanity, or getting control of your business (so it doesn’t control you).

You’ll also find me mentoring writers in the Copyhackers 10x Freelance Copywriter program and coaching private clients 1:1, and usually running one or two complex client projects with my team.

I’m the founder of Copy Clinic, the Cut to the Copy video series on YouTube and co-founder of, which currently produces a podcast: Business Badassery – the audio advice column for your online business.

How am I sure I can help you (besides all the great accolades from our colleagues)?

"Amy's pitching pep talk helped me land a new monthly retainer client within my first month"

Amy has helped me tighten up my copy skills and lock down my processes so I get better results for clients. Thanks to her constructive critiques, I feel more confident in my work so I can own my expertise and be more ambitious in the projects I take on…

Amy’s not just a copywriting superstar – she’s a true mentor and unbelievably generous with her time, feedback and insights. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Amy!


Over my 30 years in business and many years as a copywriter, I cracked the code on how to build a pipeline of repeat clients who value high-performing copy and pay well. Like, really well.

I’m talking about sales pages that deliver enough results to make a $17,500 price tag a good value. Funnels that generate enough leads and sales that clients happily pay $25K. Or evergreen webinar scripts that are so turn-key and prospect-ready (written in their voice, with their weird verbal quirks and favorite words – curses included) that paying $7500 is a total no-brainer.

I grew my earnings to a consistent six figures through trial and error, hard-headed persistence, saying yes more than I should have, and SO many shitty first drafts. ← it’s how you do it, you. just. Start.

Now I want to give you the shortcuts so you can get the same results, only much faster. And without the hardship.

I’ll share everything I wish I knew back when I was learning the ropes, and everything I’ve learned since from coaching and working with top-performing copywriters like Val Geisler, Kira Hug, Samar Owais, Betsy Muse,

"Whenever I'm working on a new proposal, quoting a new project, and I feel out of my realm, I ask Amy for advice on my price"

Amy knows how to structure (and close) deals. She’s been doing it in her business for decades. She can close a $30K project without breaking a sweat. Struggling with pricing, proposals, and structuring deals, talk to Amy.

KIRA HUG // Washington, DC

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work and you’re coachable (as in, you’re open to getting out of your comfort zone — not too far, too fast, but you’re willing to do what it takes to make your business work for you, the way YOU want it too), I can help you stop agonizing, so you know what moves to make – based on your needs NOW. Whether it’s an urgent need-to-fix-this-now problem or it’s about next moves…

"Amy is without question a godsend of a client wrangling coach, and I don't say that lightly"

Hannah Shamji

Pre-Amy, I was struggling to deal with clients who basically walked all over me, and made me feel defensive. I was getting too hot-headed to respond to them well, and to be honest, I didn’t really know how to.

Not only did Amy dive right into the client issues with me, to REALLY understand the situation (which alone is way more than I’d experienced from coaches in the past), she SHOWED me exactly how to respond with finesse, class and clarity.

I ended up feeling really GOOD about my responses to these clients, and not at the mercy of their whims. If you do any type of client work, you know how huge this is.

Thanks to Amy I also have a short-list of go-to responses to whip out for different client hesitations or objections. It feels so good to know how to handle clients going forward and in a way that makes me feel like such a boss (because it’s not about sucking it up or compromising). THANK you Amy!

HANNAH SHAMJI // Toronto, Ontario

If you're ready to leapfrog over the obstacles speed up your growth, and create a business you love

...working for clients who value and respect you (and pay you well)...

Sign up for a Coaching on Demand Session

Get clear. Get answers. Get better at doing all the things that will take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Get a coach. And get there faster.

"Amy showed me how to frame a rate increase in terms of added value... they accepted an increase of over 40%"

Andrew Yedlin

Amy is my go-to for sticky client issues. About 10 days ago, an old client reached out to me with a big project. I was excited, because I knew that this project would be a valuable addition to my portfolio. The problem was, the last time I worked with this client, I was very new to copywriting and therefore, charging a very low rate.

Here was the challenge I presented to Amy: How do I try to get this client to pay a higher rate without risking losing the project? If the client balks at the new rate, how can I save face and offer the original rate without looking like I was trying to pull one over on them?

Amy showed me how to frame the rate increase in terms of added value for the client. She also gave me a clever plan B that made me feel confident enough to handle the situation even if the client didn’t accept the new rate. But plan B stayed in my pocket, because the client accepted the rate increase of over 40%! Thanks again, Amy!


Are any of these questions yours?

"Is half an hour really enough time to solve a problem?​ ​​​​"

Yes! I’ve timed it. We can crack a landing page into shape, do a top level optimization/improvement review on a sales page or email series. We can crack your proposal into a winner, resolve a sticky client issue, even come up with some ideas for marketing your business.
All my life I’ve been told I move too fast. Here’s where it finally benefits someone!

"​What if I want to have you review the changes after I revise my copy?"

You can either sign up for another session, or buy an hour session and we’ll divide up the time as needed. I’m pretty flexible. My goal is to make life easier for you.
If you're getting a copy critique and want a 2nd pass, choose the option that will cover double the number of pages.

"What if I don’t know exactly what I need - my business is doing well, but it’s time to do better?"

​If you’re looking for different clients, or a new niche, or you’re thinking about adding new services or offers, I can help you decide what moves are a fit for your needs and goals. I’ve seen a lot of the copy market space and can help you figure out where you might go next.


"​What if I have an immediate need and you don’t have any openings soon?"

​Contact me and tell me what’s up - if I can make time, I will.

​What if I want to discuss something that’s not on the list?

That's exactly what the custom coaching option is for. Have something really specific you need help with and not sure I can help? Contact me and tell me more - if I have experience with what you’re dealing with and I think I can help, I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll try and steer you toward someone who can.

"When should I choose the 60-min session over the 30-min session?"

30 minutes is best when you have something short you want to discuss or have me review, and you don’t think you'll need any follow-up. (You have the option to add a week of Voxer support for $97 if you feel some back-and-forth discussion would help.)
Choose the 60-minute deep dive when you need time to sort out a bigger challenge, or piece of copy, and want more time and attention focused on solving it. You'll get a week of Voxer support included, to get quick answers, and you'll have the opportunity to follow up by email post-session to get answers to any questions that come up as you implement your solution.

If you have any other questions,
don’t hesitate to ask.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t see the value? Don’t feel we’re a good fit?

Let me know and I’ll promptly refund you. No one coach is right for everyone; if I’m not the one for you, I’ll give your money back so you can find the right person to help you.


"For me, calling Amy is like having access to my own creative director"

Working on my own, the thing I miss the most is the strategic collaboration that comes with being part of a small, high-performing team. I sometimes feel like I’ve gotten too close to my work, and I need an objective perspective I can trust.

I think my copy is good — but I know with certainty it will be even better after a call with Amy.

Whether we’re talking strategy for an email series or we’re knee deep in the right words for a headline, Amy offers surgically-precise guidance, so I feel 100% confident that my content is strong and I’m adding even more value for my clients.”

Here was the challenge I presented to Amy: How do I try to get this client to pay a higher rate without risking losing the project? If the client balks at the new rate, how can I save face and offer the original rate without looking like I was trying to pull one over on them?

Amy showed me how to frame the rate increase in terms of added value for the client. She also gave me a clever plan B that made me feel confident enough to handle the situation even if the client didn’t accept the new rate. But plan B stayed in my pocket, because the client accepted the rate increase of over 40%! Thanks again, Amy!

"Amy is my 'North Star'"

With her extensive experience in this industry she was able to navigate me through all the chaos as a copywriter. From nailing email funnels with clients who’ve been featured by big media outlets down to getting out of lead generation ruts for new clients and projects.

Knowing that I have that bright glow to lead me out of the dark allows me to perform in my business without any self-judgment because I know I can look up for direction at any time.

Kevin Kwan

KEVIN KWAN // Calgary, Alberta

KATIE THIES // San Diego, CA

"Amy showed me the exact moments in my copy where I was losing people, what was confusing, and gave me a blueprint to get my clients better results every time"

…And she helped me with all those one off “So the client asked for this… now what?” questions that always crop up.

It was exactly what I needed to graduate to the next level. The level where clients approach you and pitching is a thing of the past…

I never would have gotten to where I am without the consistent feedback and mentorship I got from Amy. I hate to think where I’d be without her.

"One of the best business decisions I have ever made was booking a session with Amy."

She provided clarity, direction and insights I might have spent years discovering.
Our first session resolved soooo many questions that were holding me back
and gave me the keys to unlock the next door in my career (and yes, Amy pointed out the door too).

Paul Melrose // Dublin, Ireland

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