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Genuine question: Are you making a living or building a future?

Because that’s the difference between being a freelance employee and a freelance business owner…

Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach

"Amy’s brilliance as a mentor shines through in this course"

Lindsay Hope

"GOLD!... brilliant… genius"

Delia Monk

"Amy truly OVERdelivers"

Kammy Thurman

"The best course out there on business growth for freelancers"

Chris Collins

When you were unstoppable

Remember when you made that decision to go freelance? The excitement? The optimism? The anticipation of a future you were almost too nervous to think about?

The exhilaration of your first YES — the signed contract and the payment hitting your bank (that never gets old).

You did it. Proved you could get a client (that’s huge actually, because if you can get one, you can get as many as you want).

Then there’s the thrill of getting that first I-love-it! feedback.

Employees will never get that thrill – the deep satisfaction of knowing it’s all because of what YOU put in motion.

Every freelancer I’ve coached knows that heady moment when everything seems possible.

Except. You don’t have a repeatable process for bringing in new clients. Instead, you find yourself wondering: how did I make that happen? And, how do I get more clients? Because…

Getting those first clients was less a deliberate process and more about finding a ready buyer with a heartbeat and a credit card.

You worked hard to get to that moment. It revealed two things: you could get clients and you could deliver the work. There was potential. You were hopeful. It was all about forging ahead.

Then you hit The Wall.

Making a living VS Building a future

It always happens.

Your progress grinds to a slow, painful halt. Maybe it’s just a slow month, or two. Then it dawns on you. This is not going the way you envisioned.

It might look like you have it all together, but behind the curtain, there’s a lot of duct tape and hope. Your wheels are spinning in the mud. You’re making a living but not building a future.

I can’t tell you how many times freelancers have booked their first coaching session with me in this exact position. They’ve hit The Wall. They’re talented, smart, ambitious and frustrated as hell.

Maybe that’s you. If it is, let me reassure you… it’s totally normal, to be expected and, in fact, it’s a good sign. Scratch that. It’s a great sign!

Because once you hit that wall, once you feel that relentless frustration deep in your gut, you’re ready for what comes next.

Time to say hello…

“Amy’s the person I go to when I don’t know what to do.”

“It’ll probably be enough to say that Amy has grown agencies to the point of getting them acquired and just stop there. Because selling your agency is kind of major.
So that may be enough to prove that Amy knows her stuff when it comes to growing your freelance business.

However, if that is not enough and you are particularly keen to hear how Amy helps people JUST LIKE YOU grow their businesses, allow me to illustrate her expertise: she has coached 200+ entrepreneurs in our premium membership community to the point that the vast majority of them have doubled their revenue, tripled their revenue, quadrupled their waitlist – the list goes on.

But if that’s STILL not enough, here’s this: Amy is one of the most down-to-earth, likable and good-natured people you will ever meet. And I would trust her with every secret, every ambition, every loss and every hope I have. She’s the best.”

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe
Founder, Copyhackers

Stepping up and breaking through

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Amy Posner.

I’m a lifelong business owner, with 30+ years of experience building six successful businesses. And for the last ten years, I’ve been a business-development specialist and coach for creative freelancers.

I’ve worked with more than a thousand creative freelancers and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the difference between freelancers who are good, even great at their craft and make a ‘just meh’ living and those who crush it is this…

Business skills. Understanding what clients really want. Hell, understanding what you really want. And then, knowing how to get it. All while feeling good about what you’re doing, never pushy or uncomfortable. Instead, you show up knowing what’s expected – and what you want out of which client situations.

That’s the difference. Building the business skills that give you perspective on your value and your expertise. The skills that allow you to build successful partnerships with your clients, and the business mindset that overcomes feast and famine.

To create a sustainable business, one that pays you well, and doesn’t have you awake with worry at 3am, you have to succeed at both parts: your craft and your business skills.

Because freelancers with the honed business skills and the confidence that brings – eat better than those without.

Which side of The Wall you find yourself on can depend on your business skills. Without knowing how to look through the business lens, you might question if you’re even cut out for this whole make-a-living-selling-your-skills gig, but here’s the thing…

The Wall is just smoke.

And you can walk straight through. You just need to blow the smoke away. All that’s in your way is not knowing what’s yours to do next. That’s where I come in…

“I come to you with a jumbled mess, and you help me sort it out so I know the next thing to do, and how to do it. CLARITY. You give me clarity.”

Jen Baxter

Jen Baxter

What’s Yours To Do

I’ve helped a lot of people clear the smoke and build a successful freelance business.

Every one of them had deeply personal goals and hopes for their future. And it’s been my huge privilege to show them the possibilities and help them put the pieces together.


Instead of telling you what to do, I walk you through the building blocks every successful business must have and help you adapt them to your needs.

I show you how they work, what they do and what’s possible. Then I put them in your hands to build your business.

Think of it like architecture.

You know how you want to live, what you’d like your house to look and feel like. I know the principles and rules you need to follow to make sure what you build supports you for years to come. But ultimately, you get to design the house – your way, for your needs.

As long as you understand there are basic (structural) rules and you know the business you want to build, what’s yours to do will be clear.

I’ve seen it over and over. Freelancers who suddenly get it. In an instant, they know exactly how to get to where they most want to go, and they absolutely run with it.

In a recent mastermind I ran…

Whether it was income, time and freedom or value goals, all were achieved by seeing and embracing what was theirs to do.

This is what I can teach you to do as well.

No more second-guessing. No more fumbling. Just clarity and a way forward.

"You’ll only realize the full value of working with Amy when she holds up the mirror to you so you can see your strengths and fears in honest, encouraging and actionable ways. She is a sage. A genuine sage. There is no one out there like her."
Avi Webb
Avi Webb
Branding Consultant
“Amy is truly a masterclass coach and every hour spent in her (virtual) presence is like 30 hours sweating it out alone in front of your computer.”
Amy Lipner
Content design and UX Specialist

Why I’m winding down my
most successful training

My approach is no-nonsense, easy to grasp and quick to implement (I’ve seen major breakthroughs in 30-minute calls).

And if you’re wondering if you’re qualified to build a business, here’s a one-question test…

Have you signed a client and successfully executed on the project?

If you can do that, you can build a business.

To date, I’ve only taught my framework in small groups and one-to-one sessions. But my best work has been in my paid mastermind.

That’s where I saw the biggest breakthroughs.

More breakthrough insights, more breakthrough income and more breakthrough client signings for my participants.

It’s safe to say my mastermind has been my most successful and impactful coaching service. I’m super proud of the work I’ve done and the results we’ve achieved together.

That’s why I’m winding it down.

Amy Posner Feets

Because its success has led me to a much greater breakthrough I want to deliver.

Not everyone can pay me for private coaching or join my mastermind ($6,500-8,500) and that’s something I’ve always wrestled with. It’s why I’ve created a ton of free content over the years on my YouTube channel and through my podcast – empowering people to do their best work and be well compensated for it is what gives me professional satisfaction.

I get regular inquiries from people who want to know how to build a business but just can’t afford the $8.5k ask (and the mastermind isn’t on the books to run again anytime soon), but who want to learn how to build a real business they can count on..


Instead of running my mastermind again in 2023, I took six months off to tackle the most ambitious project of my professional life.

I took my entire mastermind, everything I teach, all my frameworks, all my worksheets, and my thirty years of business-building and marketing expertise, and created something that you can use, starting right now, to build the business that delivers on your goal.

This is for you…


Complete Breakthrough Freelancer

Your no-nonsense, immediately actionable guide to unlocking the full potential of your freelance business.

Get the mindset tools, frameworks and time-tested strategies I’ve only taught in my mastermind.

So you’ll have everything you need to begin the work of building an incredible business that works as hard for you as you do for it.  

This course is for…

(I’ll show you the low-hanging fruit that can make an immediate impact on your business)

(because a robust and profitable freelance business is built on just a handful of well-proven and easy-to-grasp ideas you’ll learn quickly and easily)

(attract leads who come looking to buy – so you never have to go looking to sell)

(own your ‘boss’ title and call the shots on who you work with)

(with clients who pay premium rates so you can do your best work)

(because this course was designed to keep your mind on track with no-fluff, super-specific content and ADHD-friendly presentations)

(you’ll see how to build a robust client pipeline to insulate yourself from a rollercoaster market)

A course built around what you need, when you need it

As well as being your A-Z of building a solid and rewarding freelance business, this course will be your constant traveling companion, always there to dip in and out of as you continue to grow your business.

To make that as easy as possible, I’ve divided the course into three sections…

Section 1: Introduction

This is a single module you’ll only need to watch once. It will set you up perfectly for what comes next. I often like to jump around in courses and get to what I need right then, so I designed it so you can do that too – and made a video to explain it for those of us who like the TL;DR, always!

Section 2: Foundational Concepts

Modules 2 and 3 cover the absolute must-knows of business building without getting into the weeds. The aim is to give you the best possible orientation so it all makes clear sense and you can see how all the pieces fit together.

Once you have watched these modules, you’ll rarely have to return unless you want clarification on an idea.

Section 3: The Workshop Modules

These are the modules where we dive into the topics we first met in Section 2. You’ll have worksheets with over-the-shoulder tutorials from me and worked examples you can adapt to your needs.

As well as watching these modules straight through the first time around, these are designed to be pit-stop resources where you can quickly jump in anytime you need something specific.

Here’s the price for Complete Breakthrough Freelancer

Single Pay

  • Online Learning Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • 11 Modules
  • 10 candid, exclusive interviews with experts who've achieved what I'm teaching you, IRL
  • Videos lessons with CC captioning
  • 15 tools with individual tutorials
  • Full course Breakthrough Sales Calls – ($197) included


$277 x 2
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • 11 Modules
  • 10 candid, exclusive interviews with experts who've achieved what I'm teaching you, IRL
  • Videos lessons with CC captioning
  • 15 tools with individual tutorials
  • Full course Breakthrough Sales Calls – ($197) included

Easy to use
Powerful when implemented

This is not a watch-it-and-move-on course. 

I’ve structured your learning. You’ll begin by gaining a solid understanding of how your freelance business really works and what moves the needle. 

This empowers you to make major decisions about how you want to market yourself, what kinds of clients you should go after, your most profitable offers (custom vs productized) and how to build your personal brand.

Then I give you the tools, with full tutorial videos, so you can craft your business to deliver on your money, time and creative goals.

Everything is laid out in simple steps, clearly explained and fully supported. 

As you move through each module, your knowledge will deepen and you will learn vital new skills that will ultimately allow you to live the creative life you want. 

And here’s the secret sauce to everything I’ll teach you…

My goal is not to give you a template to build a business based on how I did it. In fact, I think copy-my-success courses do more harm than good. 

My goal is to help you become a confident, knowledgeable and empowered freelance business owner who is fully in charge of your own destiny. 

That’s the most important breakthrough you’ll ever have in your professional life.  

And that is well within your grasp!

You’ve read this far, so I know this is important to you. I know you are ready to make decisions and do the work to build the professional and personal life you want.

For me and for thousands of others I have known and worked with, building a business has been the key. 

To help you get there, I’ve taken everything I’ve previously taught in my private mastermind and put it all into this course. Every insight, every tool (and some new ones) and every exercise. 

This is your road map and your toolbox to saying goodbye to being a freelance employee and finally becoming your own boss.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll get when you enroll:

Everything You Get

Your course includes...

Complete Breakthrough Freelancer Course by Amy Posner - The Freelance Copywriting Coach

 Online Learning Portal
⇨ Lifetime access
⇨ 11 Modules
⇨ 10 candid, exclusive interviews with experts who’ve achieved what I’m teaching you, IRL
⇨ Videos lessons with CC captioning
⇨ 15 tools with individual tutorials
⇨ Full course Breakthrough Sales Calls – ($197) included

Module 1. Introduction

Your welcome to Complete Breakthrough Freelancer is more than a friendly howdy.

We’re going to hit the ground running with a discussion about the real reason you need a business, the true power it holds. I’ve interviewed ten guests about how they’ve applied what I’m teaching you, in their business, IRL — those are included with each module.

Module Topics

If you want to build a sustainable business you're proud of, you want to learn from Amy. Shift how you approach your market, clarify your offer, and sharpen your message. Amy makes it easier to succeed on your own terms. Expect clear direction—Amy knows what's up.

Module 2: The Freelance Business Mindset

Foundation Module

You know those cartoons where someone puts on X-ray glasses and suddenly their entire world looks different? Well, this is that module.

We’re going to reframe not just how you see your business but how you see yourself as a business owner. Because business people really do see the world differently. 

Module Topics

Amy is called the Client Whisperer for a reason. After 7 years of freelancing, you'd think there wouldn't be much more for me to learn. This is the "how to freelance and not hate your life for the first few years" type of resource I wish I would've had on day 1.

Module 3: How (And Why) Marketing Works

Foundation Module

Good marketing ensures you have enough clients to make a living. Great marketing makes it rain. I’m gonna teach you the make-it-rain version.

We’ll start with your marketing foundation module – How Marketing Works. You’ll be introduced to the principles that will make your marketing super effective and even if you’re not well versed in marketing, I think you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can get the ball rolling for your business.

Module Topics

I loved the marketing module because it went back to basics and explained all the terms and ideas business owners are afraid to admit we don't know or don't fully understand. Amy walks you through, so you'll find a way to make marketing work for you so it's easy and fun.
Eman Ismail

Module 4: Your Market

Workshop Module

This is the first of your workshop modules and we’ll begin the work of building and/or refining your business.

We kick off by drawing a great big X on your client treasure map and you’ll see how to quickly identify a lucrative and eager market. And I’ll show you the near-instant way to see just how healthy and competitive that market is. 

Next, we’ll create your Ideal Client Persona with your first hands-on exercise, complete with an over-the-shoulder tutorial with me. Once we have your persona, I’ll show you how to supercharge your marketing with your Dream 100.

We’ll wrap up by lifting the curtain on how freelance marketers like me run our own marketing and I’ll share my most effective research tools, the ones I’ve used to build six different and very successful businesses over thirty years.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

Amy has such a rare knack for breaking down the complex into digestible, meaningful bites. I've taken TOO MANY courses from big names that are packed with content, which sounds great but can easily lead to overwhelm. I feel so led through and walked through the process and for me that's the difference between learning and DOING - and I have Amy to thank for that.
Hannah Shamji

Module 5: Your Brand

Workshop Module

No matter how much competition, no matter how smart AI gets, there is one thing your competitors can never out-compete you on… being You.  

You are your single biggest advantage. And how you are seen by your market is the difference between eternal struggle and owning a robust and reliable business where you get to do great work. 

Making sure your market sees you in the best possible way is the work of branding, and I’m going to show you how to craft a personal brand that attracts cream-of-the-crop clients.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

Once again, Amy truly OVERdelivers with this training on marketing our creative services. She broke down everything I need to identify my best market. To discover my dream clients. To position myself powerfully against the competition. And to set myself up as the go-to- choice for potential clients.

Module 6: Your Offer

Workshop Module

There are two things you need to know about your offer. First, your service is not your offer. Second, if you get your offer right, your best-fit prospects will question their sanity for not hiring you. 

That’s a pretty bold statement but it’s been proven again and again. I’m going to show you exactly what goes into a great offer and all the ways you can make yours irresistible to the right clients.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

Complete Breakthrough Freelancer is the best course out there on business growth for freelancers. Amy walks you through how to run your business like a pro in a way that’s simple, logical and approachable. If “start kicking more ass” is on your to-do list? You can’t do better than learning from Amy.
Chris Collins

Module 7: Getting Clients

Workshop Module

You’ve researched your market, defined your brand, staked out your expert position and created your offer. Time to build your client pipeline.

Here are three things you need to know about getting clients… 

One: You have choices and you can build your client-acquisition pipeline to reflect how you want to do your marketing, and who you want to attract.

Two: Client acquisition is a process you can learn. The steps are well-known and easy to set up.

Three: Your best-fit clients are already looking for you, so half the work is already being done by someone else. You just need to stand in their way with the right message. I’m going to show you how.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

With Amy’s guidance, I landed a dream client and earned €60,000 in just six months. Her cold pitching template in this module WILL change your career. And OMG the referral class is brain blowingly good. Amy has a magical way of not just making you fall in love with all the elements of running a business but shows you how to channel this energy to get serious results that will set you up for sustainable success.

Module 8: From Prospects To Clients

Workshop Module

Traditional marketing has a very direct approach to turning prospects into buyers. Sell! Sell! Sell!

But there’s a much better way. 

Build a relationship.

Not only does it avoid all the icky sales stuff, but it increases your perceived value. That means signing clients is not only easier but you can charge rates that reflect your real value. 

And if you really want to supercharge your relationship, then there’s one approach that has been the single biggest factor in my success and the success of most high-earning freelancers I’ve ever known or worked with. Building your list. This module is your quick-start guide to that and much more.

We’ll wrap this module with a tutorial and worksheet on how to write the perfect Information Kit  for when your prospects reach out. This is the missing link that sets you up for great client calls.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

It's one thing to help clients get results, and something else entirely to do our own marketing. I came away from these trainings with a hefty dose of inspiration and new ideas to try.
Erin Pennings
Erin Pennings

Module 9: From Prospects To Clients

Workshop Module

The day has arrived. Your prospect has booked a call. 

You’re excited as hell but then Captain Doubt shows up with a long list of you-ain’t-got-this reminders. And then there’s selling. If there’s one thing you didn’t become a freelancer to do, it’s sell, right?

So, let’s do something very special to utterly transform your client call experience.Instead of a module, I’m giving you access to an entire course on running effortless, enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) and stress-free sales calls. 

You’re getting my full Breakthrough Sales Call course, which sells separately for $197. 

This is a 60-minute course, comes with my personal sales call framework and you have full access to it as soon as you enroll in Complete Breakthrough Freelancer

Want the full details? You can check out the info page here:  Breakthrough Sales Calls

So I just burned through the Breakthrough Sales Calls. It's so good. It's so good. I can't even get over how good it is.

This is a 60-minute course, comes with my personal sales call framework and you have full access to it as soon as you enroll in Complete Breakthrough Freelancer.


Module 10: Client Management

Workshop Module

Your client expects more than the deliverables you’re contracted for. They want a good experience. Your job is to confound those expectations and deliver an amazing experience.

That’s how you get sizzling testimonials, quality referrals and regularly rehired.

I built my entire freelance career on delivering this kind of service and I show you how it works, how to do it and what it delivers.  Delivering an excellent customer experience makes your life easier in so many ways. The appreciation your clients feel will be reflected in your bank account. 

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

Even after “freelancing” for a few years, I didn’t feel like I built my brand and a real, honest-to-goodness business until I learned more about how to do that from Amy. Amy shows you how to leverage your unique differentiators and dig deep to illuminate all the skills that help make you a better partner beyond your “core” skill offering. I find myself using her approach all the time in my business, and I’m so grateful to have the tools to help me do it!

Module 11: Bringing It All Together

Workshop Module

Time to bring everything together. In this final module I’ll walk you through two business-building blueprints that connect everything we’ve learned so far. 

This first is for your short-term growth to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

The second blueprint will lay out the steps to position you as the expert top clients actively seek out.

And then we’ll wrap it up with a few parting words for your journey.

Module Topics

Tools (with over-the-shoulder video guides)

Many business courses teach you how to get clients. But how do you make them happy so they keep coming back and referring you to others? Amy breaks it all down in the Client Management module.

Your exclusive interviews - how this works IRL

When I buy a product these days, the bonuses often just feel like more work. More to read, watch and listen to isn’t what I’m after. Rather, give me the best information in the most streamlined and time efficient way possible. That said…

I originally had a few bonuses in mind as nice additions to what already existed in the course – my proposal template, some contract clauses that you never want to be without – that sort of thing.

Then I got an idea.

Wouldn’t it be cool to hear from people who have already used the tactics I’m going to share with you? And hear how they made them work for their situation?

That’s your bonus.

Ten interviews. One with a coach/keynoter and nine with very successful creative freelancers, each explaining one aspect of their business so you can see exactly how everything I’m teaching comes to life.

This is all boots-on-the ground stuff and the best way to pick up real-world insights to use right away.

Each interview is a like a mini masterclass and here’s who you’ll hear from…

Tanya Geisler
Tanya’s body of work tackles the Imposter Complex. She knows what gets in our way of business growth and development, why we move in the world in the way we do (so much of our fear and self-doubt is universal). We discuss how to combat the reality that the Imposter Complex is working hard to keep us:

1. Out of action
2. Doubting our capacity
3. Alone and isolated

Chris Collins
Chris shares his “secret menu” concept and how it can build client relationships by opening avenues you wouldn’t otherwise find. Lots of clever insights from a really smart, very thoughtful business person.

Hannah Shamji
This is a mini masterclass in research. Hannah will share her process to get client buy-in, what research can really tell you, and how to analyze what you find to know where to focus in your work.

Avi Webb

Avi Webb
Avi will show you how to be super niche and make a damn fine living. We talk about how the creative process works, working with clients and the transformation that comes from codifying company values.

Belinda Weaver
Belinda (Bill) and I talk about how to deliver a great client experience, why that matters and how it ties into your pricing. We also discuss what your business brand should look like, what matters in the early stages and what to be mindful of (as well as what to skip altogether!)

Heather Dileepan

Heather Dileepan
Heather and I talk about why SEO still matters and how it levels the playing field for all of us. She also simplifies marketing funnels, keywords and states of awareness, so you can put the concepts to immediate use (‘cause why not have the internet working for you in the background? Just sayin’…). Heather makes complex concepts understandable.

Anna Hetzel
Anna shares exactly how and why asking questions demonstrates your expertise and clarifying questions open doors and build trust. Anna has put a significant amount of effort into building client processes and shares why and how they do it and how they’ve created a steady stream of referral business as a result.

Kirsty Fanton

Kirsty Fanton
Kirsty shares how she built herself from a newbie to an in-demand launch strategist in short order. We talk about what she’s launched for her own business and why — and how she knew there was market demand and product/market fit.


Samar Owais
This interview begins with a controversial idea: The client ISN’T always right. Samar has an interesting take — she talks about protecting her clients, being willing to have the uncomfortable conversations that build relationships and ultimately, drive results. Some deeply intuitive business wisdom here.

Paul Melrose
Paul shares how he uses a supermarket technique to attract and vet promising leads and have them pay him to do it. He has a unique discovery call process he uses to create offers that close for low to mid-five figures and he’ll unpack exactly how he does it and why it works so well (he’s used it on me, I can vouch for its success…)

These interviews reveal what all this practical knowledge looks like IRL, behind-the-scenes with people who are working every day, sleeves rolled up, delivering amazing work, great client experiences and reaping the rewards of a predictable business that supports them well.

Which is what I want for you.

Let’s recap…

Ok, so that’s a LOT. Let me quickly pull it together for you. Once you enroll, you’ll have instant access to the full 11-module course that covers

You’ll have tools that will allow you to:

And you’ll also get this bonus:

And not only is everything immediately available once you enroll, I’m removing all the risk when you buy Complete Breakthrough Freelancer

Single Pay

  • Online Learning Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • 11 Modules
  • 10 candid, exclusive interviews
  • Videos lessons with CC captioning
  • 15 tools with individual tutorials
  • Full course Breakthrough Sales Calls – ($197) included
  • FULL PAY BONUS: Ask Amy Anything Session


$277 x 2
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • 11 Modules
  • 10 candid, exclusive interviews
  • Videos lessons with CC captioning
  • 15 tools with individual tutorials
  • Full course Breakthrough Sales Calls – ($197) included

Let's talk price and value

I’ve developed a bit of an aversion to sales pages for courses. If I’m liking what I see and want to buy, I start to dread the price reveal. Because I’m kind of over 2k asks.

Not that I haven’t bought a course for 2k that wasn’t worth it. I’ve bought some amazing, high-ticket courses. But…

     a) 2k is a LOT of money, and
     b) it can often mean a choice to buy that one course and nothing else.

That. Sucks. Especially if you’re ambitious, but not flush with cash.

Right from the start of this project, $497 felt like the right price to me. It’s still a significant commitment, but a reasonable investment – especially if you want to build a business that’s solid and sustainable.

It’s also in the ballpark of what a good business-development coach charges for an hour or two of their time.

Then this happened…

I intended to spend 3 months making the course. It took 9.

I meant it to have 5 modules. There are 11.

I created three bonus lessons. There are now 10 bonus interviews (and the bonus lessons got folded into the course content).

I wanted five worksheets. I’ve got almost triple that.

AND, It now includes a full, stand-alone course I’m selling separately for $197.

Hand on heart, I think it’s equal to any 2k course I’ve ever bought.

And that’s why I’m even happier keeping the price at $497.

Here’s why…

I want you to be so blown-away by how complete and accessible Compete Breakthrough Freelancer is (really, I want you you to think it’s way ahead of anything you’ve ever experienced with any course anywhere near this price point), that you’ll tell other people how well it worked for you – and you’ll have an eye open for what else I can do for you in the future.

That’s the win-win my pricing is aiming to achieve. Offering a ridiculous amount of value for an uncommonly low price, so I can earn your trust. And the next time I arrive with an offer, you’ll know I’m going to massively overdeliver again.

That’s why the price for the course is staying at $497.

And to make your decision easier, I am removing all risk and offering you an unconditional, 60-day guarantee.

Your 60-Day Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

Because I’ve taught what’s inside Complete Breakthrough Freelancer to so many freelancers for so long, (over ten years of professional coaching), I’m more than happy to extend to you my 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee. 

That means you can complete the entire course, watch all the bonus videos and complete all the worksheets and I’ll still give you a refund if you ask for it within 60 days of your purchase. And if you never even open the course or look at a single video, you’re still covered by my 60-day guarantee. 

As I said, there is zero risk to you when you buy.

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Yes, you can ask me course questions (and other questions you might have before buying)....

Absolutely! I will be collecting questions and releasing regular video updates answering questions, so, you’ll have not just an answer to your question but access to everything else I’ve answered, too.

Anyone who runs an online, service-based, creative business. That might be as a photographer, a 3-D concept artist, a copywriter, a layout artist, a ghostwriter, a graphic artist or a typographer. If you are a freelancer selling your creativity as a service, then this course is for you.

No. The heart of any business is simply getting the right clients and that’s what I will teach you how to do. Luckily most freelance businesses are very easy to run with very little admin work. And as you grow, you can outsource all of that to Virtual Assistants (VAs).

Yes, based on feedback I’ll most likely make changes to the core course you buy. You’ll have access to all those changes. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy any new courses that are offered as part of future bundles at significantly reduced rates.

Glad you asked! Five things make Complete Breakthrough Freelancer unique…

  1. It’s not a template or copy-this-business-model course. It teaches you the core ideas so you can build your own business to suit your personality, context and goals.
  2. As a professional marketer, I’ve been paid multiple millions of dollars in direct fees to help businesses get their best clients. That’s very different to learning from a freelancer who has only figured out how to get clients for their own business.
  3. I’m a successful business builder six times over. I’ve built businesses in the tech and service industries, marketing, and coaching/training spaces. So, I’m not a one-hit wonder teaching you how to whistle one tune. I’m a third-generation small business owner and building businesses and showing others how to do it is in my blood.
  4. I hired an expert in online course design to help me make this course. So, you are getting a course based on the best practices in online learning and not a massive brain dump from someone who has zero teaching training or experience. 
  5. You have 60 days to go through everything in the course and still ask for a refund. Most courses only offer 14 or 30 days.

A personal message before you buy…

We are at an inflection point in how we work, how we earn a living and the choices before us. 

Large companies have begun firing millions of staff worldwide and are now committed to re-hiring who they need as temps. That has two dramatic implications for you… 

There will be tens of thousands of new freelancers to compete with in any direction you look, all with their hands up shouting, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

The second implication is that those companies will want standardized freelancers to slot into their company with as little friction as possible. To put it another way, they see you as a commodity.

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All of this is happening right now and the vast majority of freelancers will accept that deal because it matches what they know – how to be an employee.

But something else has happened that is even more ground-shaking. AI.

Artificial Intelligence is utterly tearing up the world of creative freelancing. 

And even for freelancers who are comfortable with the AI-as-tool idea, that’s going to be short-lived as new versions claim more ground.

The conclusion is clear…

It will become harder and harder to make a good living just from your craft.

But you can do this instead…

Great clients, and by great I mean clients who pay well and respect your process, don’t just pay you because you take a good corporate headshot, make their site look good or write copy that shifts more units. No. 

Great clients pay for solutions. And if you arrive as a problem solver with the craft to execute on that, your value will only grow as you rack up successful projects.

That’s your alternative. Become that person. 

That’s how you get to do the work that matters most to you and get paid your worth.

This is why you must build a business. Because it’s your business that positions you as that problem solver and that attracts and lands those clients. 

Is all this guaranteed? No. But, by a very wide margin, this is your best shot. 

I say this because I’ve seen over and over the extraordinary transformations your business can bring.

I’ve watched as my clients are introduced to the simple building blocks and ideas of business building and I have marveled at how each created a business thoroughly unique to them. 

And the business you build will be like no other. It’ll form around your personality, your quirks, your strengths, your weaknesses. It will reflect your ideals, your ethics and your creativity. And it will be something you are proud of.

And… if you want? It will give you the chance to create generational wealth, not just in financial terms, but in the life skills and wisdom you can pass on. 

At the end of the day, it’s about who you want to be and who decides your future. My money’s on you.

Go build your business. Make it the greatest creative project of your life.

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