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Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach

The rewards and competition to deliver A-list copy have never been greater. Neither have the chances of you being that copywriter

Copy chiefing for top copywriters and copy teams. For when you’re ready to stack the deck in your favor.

The rewards and competition to deliver A-list copy have never been greater. Neither have the chances of you being that copywriter.

Copy chiefing for top copywriters and copy teams. For when you’re ready to stack the deck in your favor.

Amy Posner - The Copywriting Freelancers Coach

“Having Amy’s eyes on my copy is my secret weapon.”

Heather Dileepan

Freelance Copywriter

This is about more than your copy

This is about doing your best work as an independent or for the copy team you are leading. 

It’s about working with the very best in your field and being recognized as one of them. 

And it’s about giving yourself every fair advantage there is. (Anything less is a massive disservice to your potential.) 

Because the copywriter you are tomorrow will depend on the advantages you give yourself today. 

I provide copy chiefing for top-tier copywriters and copy teams, for when you want to maximize your chances of delivering the very best copy and firmly establish yourself as a top talent or team.

And I work with newer, ambitious copywriters, for when you’re ready to take that step to claim your own spot at the top table. Helping you gain the confidence to write on any project by becoming the fully-developed and accomplished copywriter top clients want on speed dial.

The world’s most powerful copy approaches plugged directly into your copywriting

Your opportunity (and obligation) as a top-flight copywriter

I occasionally get asked, how do you become a top, in-demand copywriter? 

The answer is simple. You deliver exceptional results. 

Once you do that in your niche/specialty, you’ll quickly get a reputation as a go-to talent. 

The next question is the fun one…

What does it take to get there (and stay there)?

This time the answer is far more interesting!

Just like being a profitable freelancer is as much about your business skills as your writing, being a top-tier copywriter is about much more than your copy chops… 

It’s about stacking the deck in your favor. 

Being at the top of your ideal clients’ call list is all about stacking that deck. 

Doing that is your greatest opportunity to deliver more winners, impress more of the right clients and secure your reputation. 

It’s also your obligation as a business owner or team leader. 

That’s where I come in.

High Access. Big Impact. Huge Value.

Established A-Listers

You’re already a recognized and respected copywriter who knows the importance and value of expert collaboration. This is about deepening your expertise and cementing your reputation. 

Ambitious Teams

You’re leading a copy team that wants to make its mark and be known for consistent, high-quality work that can compete with anyone. I’ll work with you to build a team your ideal clients will dream about.

Rising Stars

You’ve already proven your chops with mid-tier clients and you’re ready to make your mark. I’ll help you with your copy and the strategy that gets you there. 

From Good to Great to You

Maybe you’re working in an area where you have already proven yourself. Or taking on a new project type or something significantly bigger than anything you’ve worked on before. This may even be the first time you’re subcontracting or leading a new team. Either way, all eyes are on you.

Whatever your challenge, when you’re looking for an edge as a top copywriter, the lowest-hanging fruit is to work with an experienced and proven Copy Chief. 

Think of any successful company with a great copy team. They all lean heavily on copy chiefing. Having access to a Copy Chief is as close to a must-have as you’ll get at your level. 

Here’s what a good Copy Chief will do for you…

But here’s what a great Copy Chief will do for you…

They’ll make you a better copywriter. By pushing you to produce the best work you (or your team) have ever written. 

Because a great Copy Chief knows that the very best way to improve your copy is to help you become a better, more confident and accomplished copywriter. 

That’s my real job: to make you better at your craft and bring out your very best work.

I’ll do that with a process and rigor based on over a century of Direct-Response and Conversion Copywriting tradition that has, generation after generation, delivered the most successful copy ever written. 

This is the work I’ll do for you, but with an extra wrinkle…

Your Copy-Chiefing with a Triple-Threat Twist

With over thirty years as a business owner and five successful businesses under my belt, I know how your clients think and what they’re looking for because I can see your copy with their eyes.

That gives you a double advantage. A Copy Chief with decades of marketing experience plus the eyes and instincts of a successful business owner. 

And let’s add in one more win to rack up when we work together. 

You’re also getting my professional coaching brain. 

Not only will I make your copy sizzle, I can also spot opportunities to jump at and pitfalls to avoid as you make your way through your project. Those can translate into significant amounts of money, earned or lost. And these have a huge impact on whether your client wants to work with you again.

This is especially true if the project type or scale is new to you. Large, complex projects, especially when you need to bring in subcontractors, can be overwhelming. Equally so when you are leading a team.

I’ve been there multiple times in my own work and I’ve guided some of today’s best copywriters as they took on projects that were way outside their comfort zone. And every one of them brought it home in some style.

So, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. 

And that goes for dealing with difficult client situations. Clients will love working with you if you can make problems go away. And helping you turn project problems into shining examples of why you’re a total pro and a pleasure to work with is definitely my wheelhouse. 

All of this gives you your triple advantage. A copy advantage, a project-management advantage and that crucial insight into how your client really sees you and your work. 

This is how you stack the deck well and truly in your favor. 

For projects that get you rehired, referred and establish your reputation as a top-tier talent.

It’s not just the copy you deliver that counts. It’s how you deliver it. Because top-tier professionals cover all the bases. 

Killer Copy

You get all the power of Direct-Response and Conversion Copywriting. This is copy that delights clients, gets results and establishes reputations.

Client Wrangling

I’ve coached hundreds of successful, high-demand copywriters on every imaginable client situation. You now have that at your fingertips, too.

Project Mastery

Whether it’s multipart projects, complex deliveries, or working with several teams, I’ve been there and can guide you through all the hoops and dances. 

Copy that makes you look like a superstar

“I paid a HEAP of money to have Amy as my Copy and Business Coach – TWICE – because I knew working with her would basically make it rain in my own copywriting biz.”

“The thing is, Amy isn’t just THE BEST when it comes to helping you see what it takes to create mind-bending copy that converts like crazy – she also has this incredible knack for spotting what you’re missing in your whole business set-up and showing you how to seamlessly fix the gaps. So that suddenly your messaging is magnetic, your offers are irresistible … and the clients are stacking up at the starting line, itching to work with you!”

“I’m telling you, Amy is the original Client Whisperer … get her on your side, and you’re off to the races!”

Bio Copywriter Extraordinaire

Unlock next-level copy chops

Having Amy’s eyes on my copy is my secret weapon. She has an uncanny ability to spot exactly what’s needed to improve my work, and she knows exactly how to deliver feedback in a way that’s both encouraging and immensely helpful. 

It’s not JUST that having an expert’s eye on your copy gives you added confidence in the delivery of client work. With just two Copy Chiefing sessions under my belt, I see how she’s helped me become a better copywriter. 

Because now I view my own work the way she does: with a sharp and objective eye on persuasion and language.”

Heather Dileepan
Freelance Copywriter

Build a business that works for you

Working with Amy has been such a fantastic experience, I don’t even know where to start. When we started working together, my business was going through a period of rapid growth but I still felt like my copy skills were lacking.

Amy helped me to leave my impostor syndrome behind, stop thinking like an employee, and truly start thinking like a business owner.

While working with her, I’ve pivoted my business and started taking on projects that I’m really excited to work on. I’ve taken control of my finances (and, by the way, hit major income goals). And I’ve started designing my business to fit into my life, instead of squeezing in my life around my business.

My favorite thing about working with Amy is her ability to really understand you and focus on your unique strengths. Instead of feeling like I need to be doing what everyone else is doing, I now have a vision for my business that’s uniquely mine. If you want to build a business that works for you, Amy is who you want to work with.

Chris Collins
B2B + SaaS Copywriter

Freelance Copywriter

How we can work together

However we work together, you’ll always be in the driver’s seat. That includes taking the first step. And that’s as simple as reaching out to start a conversation about fit.

Copy chiefing can be done together, live — or you can answer a few questions and I can turn your copy around on my own. Depending on the format you submit, I’ll either mark-up your doc and/or make a video for you. 

Just fill out the form below and we’ll take it from there. 

It’s obligation-free and you can do it right away. Looking forward to helping you improve your copy and your confidence.

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