Improve Your Copy Chops – Make More Money – Enjoy Bold Confidence

How do you know if your copy is as good as it can be? What specific skills win you more projects and make your clients more money?

This is where the best practices in conversion copywriting meet the psychological strategies of direct response. You’ll discover how to keep your readers glued to the words, creating momentum that gets the clicks that results in trials, sales and bigger lists.

We’ll look at different types of copy including landing pages, web copy, sales letters and emails and drill down on critical elements like headlines, ledes, crossheads, bullets and fascinations, benefits and features and how to create copy that visitors stick around and read.

Copy that speaks to their self-interest and meets them in the stage of awareness they’re in right then. In other words, copy that works and delivers real and measurable results.

We’ll talk about writing processes (including mind mapping and getting client buy in early on to save yourself time and headache). We’ll answer questions and address topics like:

Why are formulas like PAS important and how do you use them correctly?
What’s a USP and a UVP – how do you find them and how do you use them? And how using a simple process to figure them out makes you a hero to your clients.
Calls to action – how to write them so you convert more visitors into prospects, clients and customers
VSLs, talks and radio spots – how does writing for speaking differ and what do you need to know to crush it for your clients
Marketing and copywriting – where they overlap and how you can differentiate yourself and have clients begging you to take on their projects
Stages of awareness – how to figure out where your readers are and meet them there, including how to do voice of customer research that speaks to the client so specifically, they’ll almost be spooked…

We’ll cover how to write audience-facing copy and finding the right voice and style for a project early in the game so you don’t end up with a piece that doesn’t work and you have to get over hating everybody and everything before you can go back to the drawing board.

The main focus will be real-time and ongoing feedback. Hands-on work makes the learning real. It’s no longer conceptual, it’s practical. Your writing improves, your confidence grows, everything gets better. Really.

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COURSE 2: Get Better Clients – Consistently – Bust Through the Feast or Famine Cycle

From finding great clients to closing them, and everything in between including:

  • To niche or not to niche
  • Marketing that works for YOUR personality and your business goals
  • Conducting initial conversations that demonstrate your value and expertise
  • Writing proposals that showcase your talents, but focus on their needs
  • Processes for managing your projects that save time and make you more money
  • Do you need a portfolio? What about certifications?

We’ll cover the big picture – everything from positioning your services on the initial call, to helping clients discover what they need. Next, we’ll cover how to write winning proposals and scopes. Once you win the project, you need to know how to onboard clients, set expectations and deal with the inevitable roadblocks. You know, scope creep, busy schedules, changes to the project while it’s underway. Then, we’ll talk about how to present your copy so your clients understand the strategy and structure (good for you, and good for them!)

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I have read the works of Gene Schwartz, Bob Bly, and John Caples. I know the difference between PAS, FAB, and AIDA. But when I wrote my first long-form sales page, the theory only took me so far.

Amy’s feedback on my draft helped me rework my messaging hierarchy, tighten up my language, and gave me a new perspective on why the product is valuable to customers. The crazy part is, that was just the first round.

For anyone who’s looking to tighten up their copywriting skills and wants a refresher, you can’t pass up the chance to learn from Amy. She not only knows the copywriting concepts, but she’s got years of experience writing and teaching it.

Sophia Le, SaaS Email Consultant

Amy is a fantastic teacher! Her course materials were well organized, clear and concise, and flowed logically from week 1 through week 6.

The homework assignments each week were great at reinforcing the lesson of the week. Amy’s critiques of my assignments were immensely valuable – her feedback is candid, to the point, insightful and encouraging.

This course taught by Amy was well worth my time and monetary investment – I would take it again in a heartbeat. I look forward to continuing to work with Amy as a mentor and hopefully take additional writing courses from her.

Working with Amy to improve the quality and effectiveness of my business writing has given me the confidence to transition beyond my in-house marketing role and pursue a full-time freelance writing career.

Thank you, Amy!

Karen Williams-MacDonald, San Francisco, CA

I couldn’t be more pleased with my copywriting training from Amy Posner. She’s a true pro with lots of experience. That was evident the moment I started listening to her presentations.

Her teaching was clear, easy to understand, and made perfect sense. It was like a light bulb going off for me.

I’ve been writing sales copy for 10 years without formal training, and in a very short time, Amy helped me understand the true mechanics of creating effective direct response copy and gave me immediate tools to put that training to use.

I’ve never been more excited about writing, and about the new doors this has opened for my marketing business. Amy Posner is the real deal when it comes to copywriting and teaching copywriting.

I’m seriously glad I took this copywriting class. Amy Posner is not only a copywriting pro but a great instructor as well. I appreciate ALL of the constructive critiques which were not only helpful but added confidence to my copywriting ability. Amy was not just a teacher but a guide.

Amy, you rock!

Pamela Pierre, Author, Writer Oakland, CA

Amy meets deadlines and overdelivers on value. She takes a project and adds an intangible that increases the value of the work. She gives honest evaluations of projects and potentials. She is also more than willing to share her business knowledge in the process.

I would highly recommend her for any project you have in mind. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing it will be done in a professional manner with the highest quality output. The quality of her work will surpass your best expectations.

Working with her is a simple and easy pleasure. Amy is a professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her. Choose her – you won’t go wrong.