"Complete Breakthrough Freelancer is the best course out there on business growth for freelancers. Amy walks you through how to run your business like a pro in a way that’s simple, logical and approachable. If “start kicking more ass” is on your to-do list? You can’t do better than learning from Amy."

Chris Collins

Gin walker  

"I paid a HEAP of money to have Amy as my Business Coach because I knew working with her would basically make it rain in my own biz. And I wasn't bloody wrong! The thing is, Amy has this incredible knack for spotting what you're missing in your whole business set-up, and showing you how to seamlessly fix the gaps."

Heather Dileepan

"Amy is a natural teacher and a gifted coach, and watching her course was like having coffee with a friend. She doesn’t waste words on content that isn’t 100% relevant to improving your ability to conduct an effective sales call, and as a result, there is a ton of value packed into this short course"

Diane Wiredu

" Went from slogging through, to driving calls and actually enjoying them!
My business has evolved and grown, but I never stray from the 7 steps laid out in Breakthrough Sales Calls. Amy’s roadmap has supported me through every version of my business and helped me close $5K and $20K projects — without breaking a sweat."

What freelancers I’ve coached and who’ve taken my courses say…

"Amy! Your newsletter is the only one I currently read from beginning to end every week"
— Brandy Wells

"Amy has a way of thinking and communicating that is vastly different from other marketers and business coaches. Her advice is practical, actionable, and doable. I receive dozens upon dozens of newsletters each week and Amy's is the only one I read every. single. time. I'm Frodo. Amy's Gandalf."
— Sandra Beatty