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Amy Posner Photo 2022

Think carefully before accepting this offer!

Think carefully before accepting this offer…

Amy Posner Photo 2022

The bribe that seduces us all...

In copywriting, we call them lead magnets. 

You know — those curiosity-peaking downloadables dangled before you in exchange for your email address. (“Discover how I doubled my revenue with this 30-second hack”).

There are multi-million dollar agencies that specialize in creating these Curiosity Bribes. 

And they still work well (if all you want is lots of email addresses).

The problem is that 99% of these lead magnets are a waste of your time. Here’s why…

You’re never signing up to hear from that person over time. 

You just want to satisfy your curiosity, to see what the hack/idea/secret/ is (cos what if it really IS a thing?) 

They’re usually meh and you nearly always unsubscribe soon after. 

That’s why I don’t do lead magnets the old way anymore.

Your trinket-free invitation

I have an Insider’s List I email once a week. 

I offer pithy, actionable ideas and occasionally something more in-depth if I feel it might be worth your time. 

And, even though I deliver content packed with insights and resources, I don’t want you to subscribe.


You actually want to hear from me. 

Unless you’ve spent some time on the site and you like what I’m about and think we have a fit. 

And unless you think I can deliver real-world value. 

If you can answer yes to all of these, then subscribe, because I promise to make it worth your time.

Here’s an idea of the kinds of things I’ll share with you once you subscribe…

And other topics related to growing a solid, sustainable business – yours for the asking.

And, voila, that’s my new way. 

Subscribe if you want to hear from me on these topics and a whole lot more on building and growing a sustainable entrepreneurial business. Sound good?

If that’s a yes, then here’s the form…

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