The Road to Productized You

Gone are the days when freelancers were the outliers, the transients of the professional world. 

We’re now essential to the success of any forward-thinking business, big or small. And that’s brought a lot of good. We’re getting more work, we’re being paid faster and there are hundreds of SaaS companies developing great solutions that make our lives so much easier (try to get a client to pay by check and you’ll see what I mean).  

At the same time, new obstacles to our success popped up. Talent platforms like Upwork and Toptal.

And make no mistake about it, these are temp agencies. 

“But they get me work. And work is good, right?”


I’ve nothing against using these platforms to get work. I had a system years ago on Elance (Upwork’s early name) where I could find great clients looking for a direct response copywriter.

And, I know freelancers who’ve made very good money on Upwork, despite how some see it.

My warning is not about where you get your clients. It’s about what these platforms do to you.

That’s what we’re going to talk about right now.

You Are The Product

How much does your Facebook or Instagram subscription cost? How much do you pay to use Google’s search engine or their non-business Gmail service? 

It’s probably more than you think. Because…

They harvest your data and productize your attention.

That’s a price we pay – and most of us are okay enough with it all, not to leave those platforms.

But what happens if you do leave? Will they care? Nope. It’s about the numbers, not about you. 

That’s how temp agencies work. 

You’re their product and they make money selling your services. And if you don’t get hired, do they care? Nope. 

Or if the work is not what you really want to do or you don’t get the fees you’re after? They might give a sympathetic shrug. It’s about the numbers, not about you.

Truly, I’ve got no objections to using these platforms – carefully and with your eyes wide open. I don’t think you should build your future there. Just too many conflicts of interest working against you.

But not all talent platforms operate like this. There’s one platform that has a very different model and one you should consider.

This is a platform that is 100% dedicated to your personal success with no hidden conflicts of interest. It will focus all its resources on connecting you with your best possible clients and position you in such a way that you will command the kind of fees not possible in the cattle-call culture of the bigger platforms.

The Only Talent Platform That 100% Supports Your Future

Here’s what’s on offer…

A dedicated system of lead generation that delivers the following…

  • Projects you are excited about
  • Projects that improve your craft 
  • Clients with ample budgets who never quibble about your fees

And all of that at a volume that means you will be able to handpick your work and will never have to face a feast-or-famine cycle again.

Sound good? Ha. This platform offers even more…

It will build and grow your personal brand, create your category-of-one positioning and craft offers clients will jump at. 

But wait, there’s more!

Unlike any other talent platform, this one isn’t going to change its policies (and lock you out) or sell to a billionaire asshat (just making it topical). In fact, legally, it belongs to you. So, you are in full control of everything it does on your behalf. 

You own it. You are the only client. Everything it does is in your best interests. It is a 24/7/365 system that has one goal – your success.

And if you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about setting up and running a business. Your business. Not just buying the legal name and filing returns, but building the machine that gives you your very best shot at achieving your creative and life dreams.

And the price? 

You have to do it. All of it. 

And here’s where we make that decision. Hand over control of your future to a talent platform or build our own talent platform. 

The first choice is as easy and instant as filling out a form, checking a consent box and clicking ‘submit.’

The second option takes work, resilience and time. The difference in results? 

Two very different lives. 

This is your sliding-doors moment. 

What’s next?

You want to build a business and I’m going to help you.

Over the next 52 weeks or so, I’m going to show you how to do it. Week by week, idea by idea, and building block by building block.

And if you’re excited about the idea, let me tell you, this is one of the greatest and most fulfilling journeys you’ll ever take.

If you’re a bit apprehensive, a bit unsure if you are ready or if this is for you, let me tell you, you have never been more ready in your life. 

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And so you know I can walk the walk…

Are you ready for clients who bring you interesting projects and higher fees? A bank balance that means you don’t have to worry about what happens in the next 12 months?  

Then know this…

Getting there isn’t luck. It’s the result of deliberate steps that follow well-proven paths to success.  

I know those steps and I know those paths, and I’m going to show you both, starting today.

As long as your business is client-based, your success – and the size of your bank account – is tied directly to the quality of clients you attract.

Hi, I’m Amy Posner…

  • I’ve coached hundreds of creative freelancers to success
  • I’ve built six businesses, all highly profitable
  • I’ve owned and run a micro and a full creative agency
  • As a freelancer, I’ve had multiple $200k+ years
  • My businesses have sailed through the worst economic shocks the last 30 years could throw at them

And now I’m going to share everything I know with you about building a resilient and rewarding business that delivers on the full promise of your talent.

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