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The Scorpion Principle (be true to your nature)

a. What lights your fire? b. What do you want to accomplish in the next five years? c. Who do you want to work with and why? d. What do you not want to do? You know the scorpion story? The scorpion is incapable of doing what’s in its best interest. But you’re not! As a business owner, the trade off for your commitment and effort expended is the freedom to make your business serve

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What’s the difference between an employee freelancer and a business owner?

Attitude. Confidence. Seeing yourself as your client’s equal, not their temporary employee. Calling yourself a business owner and seeing your business as a separate entity from you – one you take of well, so it takes care of you Identifying as a business owner is a huge step up because the entire tenor of the relationship between you and your client changes. This shift usually happens when you feel confident in some of your core

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What is an Employee Freelancer?

What is an Employee Freelancer? Should you aim to be one…or not? When you start out in business, you’re keen to get a client, to prove yourself and to make some money at this craft of yours. You’re likely not super particular about any of it – yet.  This is where most of us begin. A client has a project that’s a fit with your skill set, you agree on a price and a delivery

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What Exactly Is A Freelancer

What exactly is a freelancer anyway?

I bristle when I hear the word freelancer – I’ve had an aversion to the word for years. Ever since I started my copywriting business and was asked what I did at a swanky party.  I said I was a commercial writer (for lack of any other way to describe it quickly) and the guy who asked said “oh, a freelancer?” Caught off guard, and not having given it much thought, I said “I guess…” 

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Don’t Mistake Yourself For Your Market

It’s so easy to do – think that everyone likes what we do, is interested in what we’re interested in and is motivated to make decisions for the same reasons we are. Stands to reason – we can only live inside our own heads, see through our own eyes… Good marketing however, requires that we see things through other eyes and minds – those of the intended end-user of whatever product or service we market.

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